5 Things You Should Know to Choose the Best Dog Bed

We always look forward to that moment when we can finally lie comfortably on our beds, especially on a long and stressful day. The same is true for dogs. Your dog may seem comfortable nestling in a basket of clothes or scrawling out on a mat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he should. As a responsible owner, it is crucial that you provide your pet with a secure and comfortable place for him to rest. He simply made a choice to sleep in a particular spot based on what was available for him. But if your dog greets you every morning with a beaming face and sweet wet licks for a pile of rugs, how much more if he has his own comfortable bed? However, choosing the right one for your dog is actually more complicated than it sounds. So, here are the five things you should know to choose the best dog bed for your furry family member.

1. Made of Non-Toxic Materials

Choosing a bed made of non-toxic materials ensures that your pet is not inhaling respiratory irritants while he sleeps. A huge number of dog beds have been treated with potential toxins. Among these are flame retardant chemicals such as boric acid, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and formaldehyde, which are sprayed to help decelerate burning in the event of a fire. Keeping this factor in mind is especially important if you have a senior dog, a growing puppy, or a momma dog since they are highly susceptible to the effects of these chemicals. 

In addition, a dog bed made of non-toxic materials provides good insulation and keeps allergies at bay. On the other hand, if a dog bed is comprised of synthetic materials, chances are your dog may acquire hot spots and other skin irritations due to an overly warm and moist environment. Hence, it is best to choose an organic dog bed even if it costs a little more.

2. Non-Skid Bottom

If you hate the idea of sleeping on a bed that rocks or slips every time you move, so does your dog. A non-skid bottom is one of the most important features of a dog bed, especially if you have a senior dog as it provides stability. As the non-skid bottom grips the floor for maximum safety, you can be confident that your dog is free from an accident.

3. Easy to Clean

Washing dog beds on a regular basis are very crucial to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, germs, parasites, and mold that can lead to skin irritations and several health issues. So, choose a dog bed that is washable, easy to clean, and quick to dry. Having a fully machine-washable dog bed makes the task easier and simpler, even when you have stains, pee accidents, hair, and dirt to get rid of. Since you can’t toss a large dog bed into a household washing machine, make sure that it has removable covers. If there are replacement covers available, the better.

4. Water Repellent

The best dog bed is made of a high-quality fabric designed to repel fluids. If the dog bed you choose has a water-repelling feature, floor condensation and dampness caused by inevitable accidents won’t seep through the foam. Otherwise, it will cause the bed to smell and mold. But with the water repellent feature, you can rest assured you won’t be sniffing that wet doggy smell anytime soon. If you see grime, you can easily clean it off with warm soapy water.

5. Indestructible

Would you rather buy multiple dog beds in a year or an expensive dog bed once, which can last for several years? When it comes to buying dog beds, durability is the key to defining which one is the best dog bed on the market. Don’t be tempted to buy fancy-looking dog beds that come shockingly cheap. Most of these bed types eventually lose their forms after a few washes. An ideal dog bed should never go flat and can withstand your furbaby’s craze for chewing. Also, it should be durable enough to endure sharp claws, especially if your dog loves to dig and knead his bed before he sleeps.

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