What Are The Best Alaskan Dog Names? Choose The Best One

Alaskan dog names can be unique and meaningful when you give them to your newly adopted puppy. A lot of people have difficulty deciding or finding the perfect dog name that would fit the breed or the character of the puppy, and giving your dog its name can be very stressful.

However, if you are trying to look for unique names, you may opt to choose Alaskan dog names. Moreover, if you are planning on getting a husky or any Eskimo dog, it is just right to select an Alaskan name. But any Alaskan dog name may fit any dog that shows valor and strength.

What Are The Best Alaskan Dog Names?

What Are The Best Alaskan Dog Names

There are many varieties of Alaskan dog names that will suit your dog. If you are fond of the Alaskan culture, or if you are planning on getting an Alaskan dog breed such as the Husky, Malamute, or the American Eskimo, it is always best to choose Alaskan dog names. A lot of the names are taken from the Alaskan culture, landscapes, geography, climate, the native animals, and the local tribes.

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired By Geography

AlaskaIf you are very fond of the place itself, you can always choose to name your dog Alaska.
LaskaThis is a unique option if you want to shorten Alaska.
JuneauIf you found the capital of Alaska as your favorite place, then you may choose this one.
SitkaThis name sounds unique and may be given to both male and female dogs. Sitka is a name for a city and a national park in Alaska.
NukaThis pertains to an island in Alaska which is located in the Northern Gulf.
DenaliIf you love mountain climbing and enjoy the outdoor, Denali is an excellent choice because it is the highest mountain peak in North America.
KiskaThis is one of the islands inhabited by the Aleut tribes of Alaska.

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired By Nature and Weather

ArcticYou may want to choose this name for your dog if you are very fond of the Arctic environment, or if you own a puppy with white fur.
BlizzardThis name has a strong tone and can be given to a male dog showing courage and strength.
IglooThis can be a good option for cute little puppies.
TundraAs the name implies, this describes a robust, active, and fearless dog.
GlacierYou can find glaciers anywhere in Alaska and can be an excellent name for a dog, too.
BorealisThis is a beautiful name for a dog having streaks of colors.

Alaskan Dog Names Inspired By Alaskan Native Animals

GrizzlyAlaska is widely known for bears, and giving this name to your dog is a good option.
PolarPolar is another cute name for either a female or male puppy, especially if the color of your dog is white.
Orcaif you love whales commonly seen in Alaska, then you would love to name your dog Orca.
CaribouCaribou is another animal that is seen in Alaska and has strong qualities.
ChinookThe Chinook is a type of Salmon that is commonly found in Alaska. If you love Salmon, then this name is a great option.
BelugaBeluga is a very unique animal with white color.
BisonBison can be a great name for a male dog, displaying strength and independence.
UlvaAn Alaskan term for a wolf.
KanutThis can be a nice name for a female puppy because this means a white goose.
TikaaniThis is another name for a wolf.
ArrlukThe Alaskan term for a killer whale. This is a great name for your warrior dog.

Alaskan Dog Name Inspired By Native Tribes

EskimoThis tribe is widely known to have built igloos or snow-blocked houses.
AleutThe Aleuts native people of Alaska are located in the western part and are known to be hunters and fishermen.
InuitThese people are very fearless because they inhabit the Arctic region, known to be one of the most hostile lands on earth.
HaidaThis tribe is known to be seafaring people and is skilled at fishing and hunting. A lot of Haida people adorned their bodies and faces with tattoos.

Alaskan Dog Names Associated With The People of Alaska

KamikThis is the Alaskan term for a boot of the Eskimo. Boots are vital for Eskimos because of their harsh climate. Just like the boots, dogs are also important to a man.
NukkaThis is a lovely name for a female puppy because it means little sister.
AtkaThe Alaskan name for King. This will suit your dog with kingly characteristics.
AknaThe name means female goddess and will suit every female puppy.

Things to Consider Before Deciding To Give Your Puppy A Name

What Are The Best Alaskan Dog Names
  • It’s better to choose a short name for your puppy. Very long names may create confusion and you may have a hard time saying the name if your dog has run off or if you’re trying to train your dog.
  • Choose unique words so that it won’t create any confusion.
  • It is better to choose a name according to your dog’s breed. Big dogs need great names. On the other hand, some names will suit small or tiny dogs.
  • Observe your puppy’s behavior so that you can find names that can be associated with your dog’s personality.

How To Pick The Right Alaskan Name For Your Puppy

How To Pick The Right Alaskan Name For Your Puppy
  1. When you have decided on the name, you have to say it loud so that you would know if it sounds good on your dog.
  1. If you have decided on the name, you have to ask if it will fit your dog. You can pick the perfect name, but it may not fit your dog’s behavior or personality.
  1. Once you have chosen a name, you have to make sure that you can pronounce the name very well.
  1. You have to trust your taste and style.


Picking the right name for your dog can be very easy with the list of Alaskan-inspired names mentioned above. Giving your puppy a name that you have chosen will strengthen your relationship because your dog will carry that name for many years to come.

It is essential to determine a name that is unique, strong, and will reflect your dog’s abilities, personality, and behavior.

We love to hear your stories about giving your dog a unique name. Please share to us your story by writing your comments below.

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