Best Airline Approved Dog Pet Carriers Reviewed

Top 6 Best Airline Approved Dog Pet Carriers

Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carriers w/ Fleece Bed For Dog & Cat

Oxgord Airline Approved Dog Carrier

Sleepypod Air

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Carrier

Sherpa Element Duffle Sherpa Element Duffle Pet Carrier
Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Carrier Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier
Sherpa Deluxe Pet CarriersSherpa Original Deluxe Carrier
Aspenpet Pet Porter KennelAspen Pet Porter Kennel

Dogs are funny, adorable pets. They love car rides, surfboarding, swimming, and so much more! There seems to be nothing that dogs can’t do as long as they are with their owners. Most of all, dogs love holidays too! Nowadays, there are many excellent boarding kennels and pet hotels where your pooch can have a good time hanging out with other dogs. But isn’t it so much better to have your furry best friend travel with you? I’m pretty sure your dog agrees!

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Sadly, that can’t be done if you don’t have the best airline-approved dog carriers. Even if you’re not much of a traveler, it is imperative that you have one reserved for emergency situations such as a once-in-a-blue-moon family reunion that could last a week or two. We are not pessimistic, but we never know when we need to move out to another area or travel far to seek the best veterinarian we can find.

What to Look For in an Airline-Approved Dog Carrier

Size Matters

Size is the most important factor to consider when choosing an airline-approved dog carrier, especially for travel in the cabin. The goal is to have the carrier fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Materials Used

Apart from the size, the materials used for its construction as well as its shape will be based on where your dog will be located. Airline varies from one to another, so it is advisable that you make inquiries or do a quick research before booking a flight.

Good Ventilation and Comfort

It is general knowledge that proper ventilation is a must at all times. Dogs with thicker coats are most likely to hyperventilate fast when confined. Comfort is also as important, especially if you have to travel for hours. Likewise, a good carrier must have room for your dog’s comfort object so he may stay at ease. He must also be able to turn around at least inside.  

1. OxGord Paws & Pals Airline-Approved Pet Carrier 

The OxGord Paws & Pals airline-approved pet carrier is unquestionably designed to make the life of every fur parent as convenient as possible. Whether you need a quick visit to your local veterinarian or travel on air to your usual holiday destination, the OxGord Paws & Pals airline-approved pet carrier will always be jim dandy. Regular carriers are often fashionably awkward. Fortunately, the creators of the OxGord Paws & Pals are geniuses and came up with a sporty shoulder bag design with multiple smart functions. The product includes a padded strap to help prevent your pet’s weight from straining your shoulder, which is a feature so helpful if you own a fatty furball. It also includes strong carrier handles and velcro-binding closure to help distribute the weight and make picking easy.

Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carriers

In addition, the OxGord Paws & Pals airline-approved pet carrier has a stand-alone mat, which is a high-quality quilted fleece to keep your furry buddy snug during your travels. The mat fits perfectly and has two heavy-duty Velcro strips underneath to keep it in place. The mat is surprisingly affordable and can be used straight out of the box. Purchase two or three more so you can swap them out during laundry. Likewise, the interior of this carrier is waterproof and easy to clean. Wet wipes or a damp cloth would already suffice for cleaning. Simply air-dry the bag, and it will look good as new!

Moreover, the OxGord Paws & Pals airline-approved pet carrier has plenty of pockets for water bottles, toys, and other belongings. You don’t have to worry about ventilation either since this carrier has mesh windows on both sides. Each mesh window also has its own secure zipper to make sure no mischievous paw can open it.


  • Smart design, available in 10 colors
  • Waterproof interior
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Removable fleece mat for comfort
  • Includes mesh windows and plenty of pockets
  • Has safety belt straps for land travel
  • Secure zipper clips keep mesh windows close


  • The largest size can only hold up to 10-12 lbs. contrary to its claim
  • Offers no good amount of room
  • Has no metal frame structure

2. Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Carrier

Different airlines impose different guidelines and restrictions as to traveling with your pet. The Sleepypod Air carrier makes sure you don’t have to go through a storm of conflicts and frustrations ever again with its versatility and flexibility. Sleepypod Air’s high-quality construction has met strict safety standards and color selection that no airline can deny.

This carrier can be expanded up to 22″ in length to give your pet the space he needs so he can move a little or play a little with his favorite chew toy. It is crucial that your pet has a comfort object beside him to help him relax and be well-occupied all throughout a boring journey. Likewise, you may compress this carrier to 16″ in length when needed. Storage is also easy: you just fold it flat. Not all carriers are flexible enough that you could carry it in the middle of your flight and slide it back under the seat when landing.


Sleepypod Air is also great for land travels. This carrier includes heavy-duty straps on each side to ensure your pet’s safety when you are driving with your furry buddy. Nobody wishes for a car accident, but it is better to prepare for the worst. So choose a carrier that is crash tested and certified by CPS for your road trips. Also, Sleepypod Air is very solid; no escape artist can get out by chewing, kicking, or scratching.

Unfortunately, the product smells like chemicals. You need to wash and air it for a while. This carrier has a removable plush mat but it is highly recommended that you also put some puppy pads on it to prevent accidents. Many dog owners also complained about their pets hyperventilating due to the lack of proper airflow, so perhaps it isn’t recommended for fluffy dogs.


  • Passes all airline and TSA criteria
  • Has 6 colors to choose from
  • Crash tested and certified by CPS
  • Includes trolly pocket
  • Made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon and features tear-resistant mesh


  • Privacy mesh is too thick; you can’t see through it
  • Dogs with thick fur or hair may hyperventilate due to lack of airflow
  • Not recommended for hot summer getaways
  • Only for small dogs

3. Sherpa Element Duffle Pet Carrier

The Sherpa Element duffle pet carrier is suitable for long plane travels and short road trips to the doggie daycare. It features beautiful beige color and red accented edges. Unlike most carriers, this one has no adjustable or detachable strap. Regardless, this isn’t much of a problem, especially for guys who prefer to carry it one-handedly. The hand straps are padded so you can carry your pet with ease.

Moving on, the Sherpa Element can hold up incredibly due to its patented spring wire frame. This carrier measures 18″ x 11″ x 11″ and can accommodate pets up to 16 lbs. Likewise, its frame allows the back side of the carrier to be compressed several inches smaller to comply with under-seat requirements.

Sherpa Element Duffle

Sherpa Element has three access points to make loading your pet into the carrier much easier. Each entry has a locking zipper to prevent your pet from escaping. It has three mesh panels to keep the airflow constant. The Sherpa Element duffle pet carrier also includes a luggage tag and a seatbelt security strap that can also work as a luggage strap. It also comes with a large side zippered pocket that can hold important pet stuff. In addition, this carrier features a removable plush faux lambskin liner to keep your pet snug as a bug. You may also buy more replacement liners so you can swap them during laundry.


  • Patented spring wire frame
  • Three mesh windows for ventilation
  • Locking zipper for every entry
  • Padded hand carry strap and seat belt
  • Machine-washable faux lambskin liner for comfort
  • Amazing color scheme


  • Too small for a small dog (unable to turn around)
  • Only for toy breeds
  • Dogs may claw through the mesh and tear the netting

4. Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Your pampered pooch will no longer have to travel in an ugly-looking crate! Even dogs nowadays can travel in style and comfort just like their owners, and Pet Magasin made sure of that with their Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier. It features a soft padded interior that every dog will find comforting. Unlike metal dog crates and hard-floored carriers, the Luxury Soft-sided Pet Carrier helps minimize the stress levels of your pet that the jostle and bustle of traveling can aggravate. Many fur parents have testified how their pets easily zonk out during the long drive.

Luxury Soft-Sided Pet Carrier by Pet Magasin is no doubt soft and luxurious as its name suggests, but it is also sturdy and durable. Underneath its mushy padding is a solid noncollapsible floor. Likewise, this carrier has three soft screen windows for ventilation. As for washability, this product is easy to clean due to its waterproof nature.

Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Carrier

In addition, this carrier can also be folded flat for fast and easy storage. It also includes a suitcase-style carry handle, an adjustable padded shoulder strap, and a short leash that you can attach to your pet’s collar so that your mischievous pooch can’t sprint when you open the carrier. There is also a mesh pouch for you to tuck in his favorite bag of treats and other knickknacks. 


  • Features soft padded interior and rigid floor
  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • Lightweight


  • Loses its shape over time due to a lack of frame
  • Restless pets may tear the mesh window

5. Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier

The Sherpa Original Deluxe pet carrier is an excellent choice for those who don’t like anything too fancy. Its classic design keeps your pet safe and secure throughout your journey, be it by air or car.

Sherpa Original Deluxe is the first carrier that has conformed to the strict airline standards for in-cabin travel. Until now, this product remains Sherpa’s best-selling airplane-approved carrier. Sherpa Original Deluxe is made of high-quality quilted nylon with leather and vinyl trim — a minimalistic design for the one who prefers functionality and practicality above anything else.

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

Back by the Sherpa Guaranteed on Board Program, dog owners can rest assured that their pooch will be able to board the plane as long as the carrier reflects their pet’s size. (Small is approved for American Airlines, AirTran Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, U.S. Airways, United Airlines, Air Canada Airlines, and West Jet Airlines; while the medium is approved for American Airlines, United Airlines, and Air Canada Airlines.)

Moving on, Sherpa Original Deluxe features a patented spring wire frame that allows its rear end to be pushed down several inches smaller to conform to under-seat dimensions. Likewise, it includes meshing windows for proper ventilation, top and side entries with locking zippers to keep mischievous paws from opening, and a padded carrying strap with an adjustable non-slip shoulder. The carrier also comes with a machine-washable faux lambskin liner.


  • Trusted brand
  • Features patented spring wire frame
  • Can be pushed down to fit specific seat requirements
  • Includes machine-washable faux lambskin liner


  • Interior padding needs improvement
  • Faulty zippers
  • Straps have no cushion
  • Bulky and stiff construction

6. Aspen Pet Porter Kennel 

The big tail-waggers shouldn’t be left behind. Although it is impossible to put a Labrador inside a carrier and carry him around, there are also airline approved kennels that makes it possible for Bow-wow to board the plane with you. Aspen Pet Porter kennel meets most airline requirements.

This kennel features a durable steel door with an easy squeeze latch so you can easily open or close the door with just one hand. You can easily maneuver the latches. Likewise, the Aspen Pet Porter kennel features 360-degree ventilation. Each side of the kennel helps provide a constant airflow whether your pet is traveling with you in the car or plane. Increased ventilation also allows your curious dog to keep tabs on its surroundings.

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel


  • Can accommodate dogs that are 7″ tall and 15″ wide
  • Well-ventilated
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Metal nuts and bolts used are rust-resistant


  • No rollers for easy transport
  • The plastic shell is thin


The social nature of our furry buddies makes them great travel companions wherever we go, whether it is just around the neighborhood or across the globe. But without the right carrier, the journey becomes unpleasant rather than memorable. That is why choosing the right carrier is of the essence. It allows you to transport your pet safely and comfortably. Most of all, it prevents you from disturbing your co-passengers. What you want is to simply rest in a comfy place beside your dog until you arrive in your destination.

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