Best Paw Balm For Dogs

5 Best Paw Balm For Paw Protection, Hyperkeratosis, Dry Skin

Paw Nectar Paw WaxPaw Nectar Paw Wax
Burts Bees Hypoallergenic ShampooBurt’s Bees Dog Hypoallergenic Shampoo
Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection WaxMusher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax
ResQ Organics Pet Skin TreatmentResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment
Bayer Dermoscent Bio BalmBayer Dermoscent Bio Balm

Hot, dry, and cold weather, rough terrain, and genetics cause lesions and calluses on your dog’s paws and nose. 

If you have walked barefooted at some point in your life, then you know how vulnerable your feet can be when exposed to unfriendly conditions. Your furry friend’s feet are equally susceptible to damage and injury. You put on shoes to protect your feet, so your pet also needs the best paw balm for dogs. 

Dogs have sensitive paws. Therefore, you need to monitor your pet’s paws daily, mainly when it is cold or hot. When your pet is resting, spend a few minutes of your time and inspect the paws. Find out whether the paws are cracked or just dry. Are there any lesions?

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For optimal paw health, you want to ensure you apply balm regularly. If you cannot decide which one to buy for your pet because every brand out there promises to be the best, you will benefit from this guide. We have listed a few of the brands we feel will offer your pet the best paw care. Whether your dog has hyperkeratosis or the paws have been affected by bad weather, these will provide much-needed relief.

1. Paw Nectar Paw Wax

Natural Paw Balm moisturizes and soothes paws that need pampering. It also protects the paws to prevent problems from cropping up. The balm helps scaly and dry paws become soft almost instantly. 

This product is available in stick form, so you need to twist the stick to expose the balm and then apply it to your dog’s paw pads. The stick is made in the U.S, which means it is a good quality product and adheres to the highest standards. Plus, it is edible, so your pet can’t develop stomach problems from licking the paws. 

If you and your dog are mostly on the road, you will be pleased to know that the larger one fits in your purse and the smaller version can also be thrown into a carry-on if you plan to take a flight with your dog.

Paw Nectar Paw Wax Best Paw Balm for Dogs


  • Available in stick shape, which makes it easy to apply
  • Manufactured out of organic ingredients
  • Starts to work immediately
  • Manufactured in the U.S


  • Small in size, tend to run out quickly
  • The ingredient list has a typo stating that tea tree oil is one of the ingredients when it is not

2. Burt’s Bees Dog Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Burt’s Bees is available as a 120 ml lotion with 97 percent organic ingredients. The ingredients include olive oil and Rosemary. 

Manufactured in America, its formulation is designed to help the nose and paws maintain their natural moisture and suppleness. The pH is balanced to ensure that it is safe for dogs. It is paraben, phthalates, sodium lauryl, and petrolatum free. 

This product is guaranteed to be your pet’s favorite, particularly during unfriendly weather when the nose becomes cracked and dry. A couple of drops of this product quickly clear the dryness. One bottle will last several winters. 

The product smells great and is effective on your pet’s paws. Apply this product to your pet’s paws after a day of walking to restore moisture and keep the paws warm, soft, and smooth. Massage the paws to allow your pet to rest for the lotion to work.


  • Made up of 97 percent organic ingredients
  • Available in a 120 ml bottle
  • Manufactured in the U.S
  • The pH is balanced
  • Free from paraben, phthalates, sodium lauryl, and petrolatum


  • The product is like oil in terms of texture
  • Some pets get an allergic reaction

3. Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

Musher’s Secret is 100 percent cream. It protects your pet’s paws from hot sand, pavement, ice, or salt. This cream for dog paws keeps the paws moist even when they are exposed to harsh surfaces. 

Musher’s Secret is an ideal protective product paw cream for dogs if your pet likes to follow you outside on trips in harsh terrain or weather conditions. It is suited to protect the paws from strenuous activities like hunting, mushing, or walking. It does a better job than bulky dog boots. 

Other than its protective qualities, Musher’s Secret contains vitamin E, which helps to moisturize and repair wounds on paws. It is easy to apply this product, and it will not give your pet an upset stomach. It dries quickly and forms a protective barrier within a short time. 

Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax


  • Non-allergic, non-staining, and non-toxic
  • 100 percent organic


  • Does not offer traction
  • cannot be used on the nose, just the paws

4. ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment

ResQ Organic is made up of natural organic ingredients that form a potent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral ointment for the paws. 

The company is a firm believer in natural, nourishing, and healthy products. This pet skin treatment, a paw cream, is not only meant for dogs but it can also be used on cats. The product claims to help pets recover from conditions like psoriasis, hot spots, dermatitis, insect bites, ringworms, acne, sores, swelling, cracked paws, and wounds. 

The product has a short absorption time. The cream for dog paws does not feel greasy and applying the product is a breeze. Most pet owners love the fact that the ointment cream can heal wounds, contains organic ingredients, and does not cause side effects. 

ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment


  • 100 percent organic ingredients
  • Offers instant results
  • Not greasy
  • Treats wounds, cracked paws, and many other paw problems
  • Available in three sizes


  • Not scented

5. Bayer Dermoscent Bio Balm

Are you looking for a product that helps your pet maintain moisture and suppleness to prevent issues like hyperkeratosis? Bayer Dermoscent offers you much more!

This product is certified 100 percent organic. It is effective against issues such as hyperkeratosis, calluses, cracked, dry pads, and thickened skin. Bayer absorbs rapidly and is amazingly waterproof. The best part about this product is that it does not contain petroleum-based products or mineral oil. However, it is solely for use on dogs.

Bayer Dermoscent Bio Balm


  • 100 percent organic
  • Absorbs rapidly
  • Effective against most issues of the paws


  • Only suited for dogs

Benefits of Using Dog Paw Balm

Keeps Your Dog’s Paws warm during cold or hot weather

You might not be able to protect your pet’s paws from the elements or the environment, but paw balm can keep the paws safe from most instances of paw injury. 

First on the list is cold weather. Fatty tissue around the paws takes a little longer to freeze up, but under extreme conditions, your pet may develop frostbite, dry skin, and cracks on the paws. You may also notice abrasions on your pet’s paws in cold weather.  

Snow or ice chunks can also cause blood circulation problems. As a result, the paws may crack when your dog jumps. Paw burns can also result from the salts and chemicals on the streets. Fortunately, you can keep your pet’s paws healthy by applying soothing paw balm.

Prevents Paw Ulceration

Summer brings its challenges. The sweat glands in the paws may not be enough to bring a cooling effect.  Your pet may also develop blisters from walking on the hot pavement. As a result, the paw may shed some layers, causing increased paw sensitivity. 

When left to themselves, dogs tend to walk on all kinds of surfaces, including heated surfaces such as sand, concrete, and asphalt. Unfortunately, your pet may get used to such surfaces, which are not suitable for the paw. What is even worse is that this could cause paw infection. Prevent paw infection or ulceration by applying some dog paw balm.

Improves Paw Grip

Walking your dog too much or taking trips over rough terrain causes punctures. This is where paw balm comes in handy.  

Most homeowners love wood floors because they are easy to clean. They are also aesthetically beautiful. However, the surface makes it a little difficult for your pet to walk, because it is very smooth. Dog paw balm plays an essential role in such a case. It brings in that tackiness to the paws, giving your pet an improved grip.

What to look for in a Paw Balm for Dogs


There are several paw balm for dog brands on the market that you can use to moisturize your pet’s paws. Although they all produce similar effects, the one you choose will depend on your pet’s preference and the product’s texture. There are different types, including soothers, butter, paw creams, balms, and waxes.


The other thing you should consider is the ingredients in the balm. Products with organic ingredients are the most ideal for your pet. So, be sure to choose a product that will not harm your dog. Components you ought to avoid at all costs include petroleum and mineral oils. 

Your list of ingredients to stay away from should also include lidocaine, zinc oxide, diclofenac, calcipotriene, and hydrocortisone. While they may be safe for you to use, they are very poisonous to dogs. Ingredients recommended for dogs include vitamin E, shea butter, rosemary, coconut oil, lavender, and beeswax.

Brand and Price

The last but equally important thing to consider is the brand and price of the moisturizer you would like to buy for your dog. Since you will be applying paw balm on the paws, be sure you buy the best brand on the market. 

The best way to find a good brand is to read reviews on the brand you wish to buy. The ones we have listed in the review above are among the best on the market. 


Dogs love to have fun even when they know that they are in pain. Often, it is difficult to tell when your pet is in pain. For that reason, vets prefer that you have your dog checked regularly. 

The weather tends to affect almost everything, including your pet’s paws. Chilly winters and scotching summers create harsh conditions that your pet needs to be protected from. One way to do so is by applying the best paw balm. Contrary to popular belief, paw balm not only works well as a treatment for sore paws but is also an effective way of preventing paw issues. If you are looking for the best paw balm for dogs we highly recommend the Organic and Natural Paw Wax.

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