Can You Use Neosporin On Dogs? All Things To Consider

Can You Use Neosporin On Dogs

Dogs are very active animals, and on some occasions, are prone to cuts and bruises. Although dogs are covered with thick fur, this is not a guarantee that they will be protected at all times. Any dog can have accidents, and it is up to the owner to do some first aid.

When your dog experiences minor cuts, you don’t want bacteria to spread and affect the health of your dog, hence, there are simple remedies that can be done to bring back the health of your dog. This article will provide you with very important details on using Neosporin on your dogs.

Neosporin Is Safe And Effective For Your Dogs

Since dogs are also susceptible to injuries and infections too, it is important to give them first aid treatment. Most dog owners provide first aid treatment for minor cuts and burns, but the question is, would it be safe to use regular home antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin to treat your dog’s wounds? A lot of owners have wondered if it’s safe to use Neosporin, and would it not create any long-term side effects?

Uses of Neosporin

Neosporin Is Safe And Effective For Your Dogs

Neosporin is a topical cream antibiotic that we commonly use to treat minor cuts, burns, bruises, and scrapes, especially to prevent infection. This medicine is very effective in treating wounds and preventing the growth of bacteria.

Aside from preventing infections, Neosporin also speeds up the healing process in broken skin and helps soothe the pain as it also has pain relief properties. Neosporin is safe to use for your dogs that suffered from minor cuts, burns, or scabs.

Just like humans, dogs also have the ability to heal themselves, but they heal faster than human wounds. However, it is better to apply Neosporin to its wounds, especially if the wounds are just minor ones. Neosporin can help prevent the growth of bacteria and can help ease your dog’s pain.

Advantages of Using Neosporin on Dogs

Advantages of Using Neosporin on Dogs

Neosporin contains three antibacterial substances, namely, Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, and Polymyxin B Sulfate which are known to prevent infections due to cuts. The good thing about Neosporin is that its ingredients are not considered toxic to dogs in minimal amounts.

Experts even suggested that pet owners should keep a triple antibiotic ointment as part of their first aid kit. However, this should be done after consulting a vet, or at least before the product is to be used.

Things to Consider When Using Neosporin

Is Neosporin Safe for Dogs

1. Neosporin is only a treatment for minimal wounds, and you should not apply this to deep cuts. There are times when your dogs go out to play, and because of their active lifestyle, playing can result in an accident.

When this happens, and your dog is bleeding heavily, your dog needs to be taken to a hospital for proper treatment. At this point, your dog might need stitching, and it is better to get a vet to fully examine your dog’s condition.

2. Applying Neosporin can add protection to your dog’s skin, especially if they are sensitive to itchiness. You may apply a small amount of Neosporin at least two to three times daily until such time that the wound is already healed.

3. After applying Neosporin, it is recommended to cover the wound with a bandage because there is a tendency that your dog might lick or ingest the ointment. Licking a wound is a normal act for dogs because their saliva can actually assist in healing. There are dogs that try to rip their bandages just to lick their wounds resulting in a much worse state than before.

4. It is not good for a dog to ingest Neosporin because ingesting it in a large amount may cause harmful side effects such as stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and worse, seizures. Ingesting antibiotics is very harmful, which is why you should try to watch for your dog’s movements.

5. Even though Neosporin is safe, it is still important for you to keep your dog’s skin clean, in areas surrounding the wound. Cleaning the wound is important to bring back the health of your dog. It is important not to take your dog’s wounds for granted. Proper nutrition and proper hygiene will prevent wounds from getting infected.

6. In cases where your dog has just undergone surgery, you should remember that Neosporin is not the right medication to treat surgical sites.

As indicated above, Neosporin is only for minor injuries, which is why it is important for you to always consult your vet to give your dog the proper treatment. If your dog is suffering from post-operative issues, do not just use any over-the-counter medicines, but have your dog checked up by your vet.

7. Smaller dogs have the tendency to be sick if Neosporin is ingested compared to larger dogs. Toxic foods such as chocolates or grapes are known to be toxic to dogs when ingested, but larger dogs tend to get away from being sick compared to puppies or smaller dogs.

8. The site of your dog’s wounds also plays a very important role in the safety of applying Neosporin. In cases where your dog’s wound is located in the snout, putting Neosporin may be dangerous because dogs will likely lick the ointment.

Areas such as the chest, the neck, or the top of the head can be a safe place to treat with Neosporin because your dog won’t be able to access them. Your Neosporin will likely stay in place and remain uneaten.

9. Neosporin should never be applied inside the ear nose, and eyes to treat injuries as this would develop complications instead of healing.


As a final say, treating your dog with Neosporin is safe and effective, however, you should not neglect your dog’s health. You have to make sure that a minimal amount of this product is applied. Moreover, it is always recommended to check your dog’s condition as this product might produce allergies.

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We would love to hear about your experiences with treating your dog’s injuries with Neosporin. Please share with us your stories by writing your comments.

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