Do Australian Shepherds Shed

Australian shepherds are great working dogs and sweetheart friends of their owners. They are fluffy and coated with silky hairs around the whole body. This is why these Shepherds are the 15th most popular breed of dog in the United States. If you are a new owner or looking to buy an Australian shepherd, you must be asking do Australian Shepherds shed? 

Australian shepherds are not an Australian breed like their name. This breed originated in the United States to guard and herd the livestock animals in the colder areas. Therefore, their fur is thick enough to protect them from the freezing cold of the US. 

They have thick double coat fur. So, the straight answer is yes, Australian Shepherds shed. In fact, due to their fluffy hair coat, they shed a lot all year long. Moreover, their shedding turns serious in the spring season because they have to take off their winter coat.

However, the good news is that all this shedding process is manageable. All you have to do is follow some basic grooming rules to save your furniture or other stuff from dead hair. Additionally, you can use some grooming hacks to gain even better results. Having a dog grooming table also helps provide a self place to groom your Aussie.

The Importance Of A Shedding Australian Shepherd

An Australian Sheperd with Furry Hair

When you opt to go with an Australian Shepherd, you must be planning to spend a lot of time with it and take him on car rides. In the meanwhile, the Shepherd will be shedding. So, why is it important?

According to the National Center Of Biotechnology Information, 10-20% of the global population is allergic to cats and dogs. However, another research tells that it is not the dog that causes an allergy; it is the dander (dandruff) present in the dead hair which causes allergy. 

When an Aussie Shephard starts to shed, his dander will break into your home along with the hair. If your home doesn’t have good ventilation or a clean environment, this dander can build up and cause multiple allergies to you and your family. 

If you are planning to bring in these friendly dogs, you are left with two options:

  • Go For A Hypoallergenic Dog: Hypoallergenic dogs are those who never shed or hardly shed their hair. It won’t be fully helpful because hypoallergenic dogs can have dander too and spread allergies. Almost all dog breeds shed. So, no matter which dog breed you bring home, there will always be a risk of dander-related allergies.
  • Do Well-Grooming of the dog: If you follow some precautionary steps and groom the Shepherd well, even highly allergic owners can keep them. 


Australian Shepherds have a thick double coat. In other words, they have a top coat and a basecoat. The density of their basecoat can vary according to the season. In the wintertime, it becomes denser to shield against the weather. In the summers, the dog sheds the hair to keep itself cool. The upper dog’s coat is also called the winter coat.

Colors: Australian Shepherds come in a variety of coat colors. Black and Liver, with copper patterns, are two of their most common shades. They also have white and tan markings along with tri-colored coats with dark, Liver, and white. Merle patterns are also popular among Australian Shepherds. 

They can also be entirely brown, entirely copper, or completely white. Australian Shepherds are often mistaken for Border Collies due to their standard coat colors and appearance.

Why Do Australian Shepherds Need to Shed?

Aussie Shepherds are double-coated breeds of dogs. That’s why they are often found in cold areas. To shift between the upper coat and the lower coat, they have to shed. An Australian Shepherd sheds its whole coat in summers.

But, there can be other reasons why an Aussie Shepherd might shed. Typically, excess shedding isn’t a reason to be worried. If your dog is aged or his behavior has changed, there may be undiagnosed health problems or psychological problems which need to be treated. They may also suffer from temporary hair loss if they’re pregnant.

Here are a few reasons why your dog’s hair may be shedding more than usual:

1. Stress And Anxiety

Dogs are sensitive animals; they notice and feel everything around them. Aussies are an active-minded dog breed. All their emotions are apparent from their behavior. If they’re stressed or anxious, you’ll notice that they start to develop strange behavior.

He might seem restless, afraid, or shedding heavily. This is typical after the arrival of a new dog or pet, the birth of a child, or other traumatic events. Dogs shed a lot when they are stressed.

2. Changes in the Routine

Changes in the routine are a significant cause of stress and anxiety in Aussie Shepherds, leading to shedding. If you change his sleeping, eating, or exercise schedule, it might result in hair fall.

3. Skin Allergy Or Bugs

If your dog causes any allergy from a portion of new dog food, grass, or other plants, it might result in heavy shedding. This is a matter which you should discuss with your vet. If it’s due to something that doesn’t last long, then there’s no reason to worry about it.

Your veterinarian may also prescribe to help you manage your furry friend’s allergy. It’s also highly possible that your dog has mites, which are curable.

4. Change In Diet

Like humans, dogs are also allergic to certain foods or ingredients. Most commonly, dogs are allergic to potatoes, oats, and grains. If you have recently changed any dog food, make sure it doesn’t contain any allergic ingredients.

5. Medical Issues

Some medical problems like cancer or organ failure can also result in excessive shedding. If your dog is shedding abnormally or showing symptoms of any medical problem, then consult the vet as soon as possible.

australian shpherd dog sitting

Shedding Frequency

As discussed earlier, Aussies shed all year long, especially in the spring season. Because they are a dual-coated breed, you can have a considerable bit of dog hair in your house and on your garments and furniture all year.

Due to their double coats, there are two times during the year when their hair falls a lot more.

You’ll have to take extreme care of your Aussie Shepherd’s grooming in the winter and summer and purchase some good quality grooming equipment like the Furminator. Throughout these times of heavy shedding.

This will help keep old and tangled hair away from your clothes or furniture. Deshedding tools aren’t usually required all year. These techniques are most helpful during regular shedding periods if you keep routine brushing and grooming.

7 Tips for Managing Australian Shepherd Shedding

1. Keep Your Australian Shepherds Outside

If your area’s weather isn’t too hot or too cold, it would be a great idea to keep your Aussie friend outside in heavy shedding seasons. If you live in an open area and can manage an outdoor home for your buddy, this will keep you and your family safe.

Your dog will shed outside, and his danders won’t enter your home to harm you and your family. Keeping in ideal weather can also slow down the shedding of an Australian shepherd.

2. No Rugs or Carpets

As we have talked about earlier, carpets or rugs can catch your dog danders, and it will be too hard to remove them from them. All rugs and carpets should be removed as soon as possible. Sadly, for most dog owners, replacing carpets will be costly.

There are alternative options if you want to keep your Australian Shepherd indoors. The ideal home would have carpet as well as other materials (wood, marble, etc.).

You may leave your dog in any room in the house that isn’t carpeted. Please remember that if the non-carpeted area is minimal, you’ll have to take your dog out to exercise on a regular basis.

3. Allergy Medication

Taking medicines to prevent dog-related allergies is not always a good option. However, there are situations when it may be pretty helpful. Like when your dog begins to shed excessively in the spring. Or, if you have a cold or flu, medication is a good idea.

You can also keep your dog on medication to prevent him from shedding heavily. However, it isn’t recommended. Because double-coated dogs need to shed as fast as possible to keep themselves cool in the summers, slowing this process down might be painful or uncomfortable for them.

Always talk with your doctor before taking any allergy medicine. Let them know you’re primarily concerned about dog allergies, so they’ll provide helpful suggestions. Because not all drugs are effective, expert advice is necessary.

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4. Be Patient With Your Aussie Shepherd

There is no doubt that Australian Shepherd’s fur causes allergy. However, this allergy won’t be as painful or irritating as you think. After consulting many Australian shepherd owners on Quora and Reddit, we have found that these allergies are easily curable and can be treated within some days.

So, don’t curse your buddy or get over-sensitive if you catch any allergies. It will get better soon. Just be patient and enjoy your time with your Shepherd; it’s worth it!

5. Install HEPA Filters For Dog Hair

HEPA filters are dust-catching filters with thin membranes. They catch and filter out any dust or small particles from the air and help to keep your home clean and hygienic. To eliminate dirt and allergens, clean regularly and properly, and rinse sofa coverings, curtains, and other fabric goods.

To collect all danders, buy a HEPA vacuum cleaner with a microscopic air filter bag. This vacuum cleaner is easy to use, just like an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

6. Wash Clothes Often

Woolen clothes and other fabrics are the favorite place for danders and shredded hair to stay. After playing with your Aussie Shepherd, make sure to wash your and your kid’s clothes as soon as possible.

If your dog wears any clothes, wash them and his sleeping mats too.

7. Groom Often

The conclusion appears to be the most basic one, but it is also most useful: groom and brush your Aussie regularly as much as possible. Clean the dog dander from your home before it spreads and causes allergy. Always use a slicker brush and undercoat rake to groom your dog.

Please remember that dander can scatter if you wipe and brush the dog’s fur from the coat. Moreover, when brushing your dog, it’s a good thing to take him outdoors. Take your dog to a professional groomer if you have the time and money. Otherwise, take him to the garden or the terrace for grooming.

They do require more frequent grooming, so it is better if you buy grooming tools for your Aussie’s coat. Furthermore, you can brush and groom your dog whenever you want. There isn’t any recommended schedule.

Australian Shepherd Shedding Essentials

These are all the things you should do in the shedding season of your Australian Shephard.

1. Brushing the coat

This step mainly depends upon how thick your dog’s coat is. If it is thicker than usual, you can brush your dog twice or thrice a week or you can brush your dog regularly. If it is not too thick, once a week should be enough.

Moreover, if your dog is shedding heavily, you should brush him every day to separate the fur from his coat. Brush the coat with an undercoat rake.

2. Brushing the teeth

Brushing the dog’s teeth is what most dog lovers ignore doing on a routine basis. This is heavily serious if your dog eats a lot of sweets and foods, particularly human meals. Brushing on a daily basis is recommended.

If not possible, then thrice a week is the bare minimum. Otherwise, it will be a health compromise with your dog. Do not give stale or frozen human food to your dog if you are concerned about its safety.

3. A Warm Bath

Give your furry friend a warm bath once or even twice a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter; a warm bath always helps to boost blood circulation and slow down the shedding in a dog.

Anything above that will reduce your dog’s natural oils, found on his skin and in his coat. Brush your dog shortly after the bath for maximum benefits. Moreover, a warm bath loosens the skin and makes it easier to clean with a brush once the bath is complete.

Photo by Maud Slaats on Pexels

4. Shampoo

Bath your dog hair with high-quality herbal dog shampoo. The anti-shed shampoo isn’t recommended unless manufactured totally with organic chemicals. These high-quality dog shampoo might be rough on your dog’s skin, so choose an organic option.

Aussie shepherds can catch skin irritation fast, so relaxing nutrients like porridge can help guarantee that your dog’s skin isn’t irritated. You can buy the best shampoo according to your canine’s breed from a pet store.

5. Nail Clipping

If your dog makes loud paw noises when going around the home, then it’s time to cut those paw nails! Long nails could be uncomfortable, mainly if they break accidentally. The most straightforward approach to avoid this is to keep their nails trimmed as soon as they become too thick.

Also, take extreme care while trimming them; you would not cause them pain. If you have never cut the dog’s nails, you can go to a vet or pet groomer to get his services.

6. Diet

Whenever it’s about shedding fur, nutrition and diet are often disregarded. You should give your Australian Shepherd a pet food that is high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fats. Pet food alternatives don’t include peas, beans, or peanuts if your dog has a pea, bean, or peanut allergy.

Your dog will take some time to adapt to their new food. But keeping an eye on the diet will surely help you figure out why he is shedding so much.

7. Supplements

Supplements help your dog a lot with shedding. They don’t slow down the shedding but allow the dog to stay calm by providing important nutrients like fatty acids, Omega-6, and Omega-3. Having enough nutrients will make your dog’s skin bright and healthy and maintain the natural oils. They are eventually helping him with the shed.



Do Australian Shepherds Need Haircuts?

Many vets and shepherd owners say that cutting Australian Shepherd’s hair might damage their natural fur cycle. They shed and grow their hair based on climate. So, they don’t need any haircuts.

If you shave the dog’s fur, their hair might never grow back, which can cause problems for your pet in the long run.

Do Australian Shepherds Shed More Than Golden Retrievers?

Yes, Australian Shepherds shed considerably more than the Golden retrievers. However, both dog breeds have a double coat. Retrievers are a good option if you keep a pet for the first time. Australian shepherds need more care, and a new owner might mess up with them and cause problems for both.

 Do Mini Australian Shepherds Shed?

Yes, Mini Australian shepherds also shed, but they don’t shed as much as a grown-up Shepherd. Mini shepherds are also easy to maintain and don’t require frequent brushing or grooming.

How To Reduce Shedding In Australian Shepherds?

You can use different techniques to reduce the shedding of your Australian Shepherd, like a good diet, frequent brushing, and grooming, and not to expose him to extreme cold or scorching weather.

Furthermore, using medications to slow down their Shedding isn’t suggested. Shedding is a natural process that is healthy for Australian Shepherds.

Why do they cut the tails off of Australian Shepherds?

An Australian Shepherd’s tail is cut off for the following reasons:

  • It’s regarded as an identity of this breed.
  • An uncut tail is big and tangled.
  • To avoid any damage from high grass, plants, and other outdoor hazards.


We tried to answer your question briefly, Do Australian Shepherds Shed? Yeah, they do shed and shed a lot but dealing with it is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is follow the proper guidance, always use a slicker brush, stay in touch with your vet and be patient. A healthy dog also sheds, so there’s no need to be worried.

It is a known fact that every dog breed sheds. Dog fur sheds unwanted hair in the summer season. Although, other dogs don’t shed as much as Aussie Shepherds.

Take good care of your home and clean it regularly when your Australian Shepherd is shedding heavily. If you have kids in your home, wash their clothes immediately after cuddling with the Shepherd. Kids are more prone to allergies due to sensitive skin.

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