How to De-Skunk Your Dog

Many dogs, especially those living in rural areas, eventually come into contact with a skunk. If you have never had to deal with this problem, it can seem like an impossible feat once it does happen. Getting the skunk stench off of your dog is a lot easier than most people realize, however.

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Most people understand that bathing the dog will not do the trick, and it won’t! Most have heard of the tomato juice method. I have never tried that remedy, so I cannot say how well it works, but it sounds messy! The easiest method for skunk odor removal is easy and inexpensive, and just about everyone has some of it on hand. It is white vinegar.

Simply soak a household sponge with white vinegar and wipe the dog’s coat with it. You will have to do this for several minutes, depending on how large the dog is, and you need to be a bit more vigorous with it than simply wiping it. You will not have to scrub the dog, but be a bit intentional with it.

His collar may not be salvageable. Nylon collars almost never seem to be rid of the smell and leather collars may retain the odor also. Remove the collar from the dog and let it soak overnight in a pan of white vinegar. After about 24 hours, hang it in the sun to dry and hope that the smell is gone.

White vinegar is an excellent household cleaner for other uses as well. Be certain that you always have some in the house and then, if your dog does get sprayed by a skunk, it will not be very difficult to handle.

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