Looking for an Unique Name for Your Dog?

According to the AKC, the American Kennel Club, the top 5 most popular names for dogs are – Bear, Lady, Blue, Belle, and Max. I also found a website that claims to list many rare dog names at Dogs Names list, but after looking them over they almost match the top 40 most common dog names on the AKC list. So they are not unusual or rare at all.

Unless you want to follow the crowd and name your dog the same name as thousands of other dogs, then here are some suggestions of unusual dog names.

The name Neko is becoming a popular unique name because of its Japanese origin. Contrary to popular belief it does not mean the color “black”, it is Japanese for “cat”. Despite the fact that Neko is Japanese for cats, many dogs, and even horse owners are naming their pets Neko.

Other unique names for dogs include unusual spellings of common names. Katie becomes Kay-dee or KD. Dogs can have descriptive names like Quick, Ice, or Raisin. Quick of course would be for a herding breed of dog. Ice would be a great name for a white dog or a sledding breed. Raisin would be a great name for a Sharpei dog.

You could also try the human names that start with the rarer letters of the alphabet like Xena, Xeno, Zelda, or Zoe. Going high tech could open up a whole new realm of possibilities like Yahoo, Google, Xerox, USB, and Download. I could see the whole family getting in on that one. Each one fighting over their favorite weird-sounding website or bit of computer hardware.

Of course, the kids will want to name the puppy after a well-known video game character as well. Another possibility is naming the dog after a local location like a local lake or river. Tahoe, Crater, Berryessa, and Salt come to mind. Of course, I dropped the “lake” part of the name.

Local mountains and other natural geographic locations often have native American words as part of the name so it would make those names even rarer. What you want to aim for is a name that is unique enough to have people repeat what you just told them. If you get the “what did you say?” when you call your dog then you have gotten a rare or unusual name for it. If after you have repeated it to them and then they ask you to explain how you ended up naming your dog that, you now have a conversation starter.

Popular Boy Dog Names for 2018

If you have recently brought home a new male dog, you will need to give him a good name. I have always liked naming dogs according to the type of breed they are. Here are some popular names that I love for male dogs of certain breeds:

Saint Bernard

The best boy dog names for a Saint Bernard are:

Bruno, Hank, Rufus, and Clyde.

I like these boy dog names for Saint Bernards because they bring to mind a big oversized dog. These are very popular names for this breed.


The best popular boy dog names for a poodle are:

Fred, Earl, Curly, and Larry.

I like these boy dog names for poodles because they sound like little old man names, that’s what male poodles remind me of.

Alaskan Malamute

These are fun dogs to name. The best boy dog names for an Alaskan Malamute are, Anuk, Juneau, Shahnuk, and Kenny. These names bring to mind an image of an Alaskan malamute running through the snow. These are gorgeous boy dog names for a beautiful breed.

German Shepherd

Some of the popular boy dog names for a German Shepherd are:

Rebel, Sergeant, Major, and Dagger.

A German Shepherd needs a tough, in charge name, one that fits the type of dog they are on their dog collar.


These are fun little dogs to come up with names for. Some great popular boy dog names for Chihuahuas are:

Spanky, Chachi, Tiny, and Squidgy.

These little dogs wear cute boy dog names the best. Of course, if you want to go against the grain, you can always name them Killer or Monster.

Border Collie

These dogs are smart and active. They do well with boy dog names like:

Bandit, Rascal, Sam, and Riley.


A Pug is such a unique-looking dog, making it a lot of fun to name them. Some great boy dog names that are popular for Pugs are:

Smoosh, Mugsy, Tank, and Spanky.


With this breed, it’s fun to go with the obvious and select boy dog names that go with the spots. Some good names are:

Speckles, Blotter, Freckles, Dipper, and Chip.

Golden Retriever

This breed loves to run and play. Golden Retrievers are also very loyal and friendly. Some good names are:

Buddy, Pal, Scout, Wee, and Trooper.


These are cute happy and yippy medium-sized dogs. You can have a good time naming them such boy dog names as:

Snoopy, Peanut, Jasper, Sherlock, and Cooper.

Great Dane

These dogs are so huge; you almost have to go with a size-related name to make it enjoyable to pick boy dog names for them. Some great names for a Great Dane are:

Laker, Biggun, and Roman.

Popular Names for Your Best Friend: Naming Your Boy Dog

Naming your new pet can be exciting and rewarding. Finding that perfect name to fit your new boy dog may take a few days. Jumping into a name could mean that your pet does not fit its name. Picking that perfect name for your dog may take getting to know your pet first. You don’t want to name a Chihuahua Brutus or name a Doberman Fluffy unless you are trying to throw everyone off.

We have a Rottweiler named Spike. Fitting for the type of dog, but not his temperament. If we were to name him on his mentality and his attitude, Spud would be more to the liking. I had a friend when I was growing up that adopted a little boy Lhasa Apso to replace their long-time pet Pug, Cinnamon. Being a type of dog that should be proper and well-behaved, they decided to name him Higgins. Higgins was a character from a very popular television show at the time, Magnum P.I. But after a month or two, they decided that they were too hasty in naming the little guy, as he had much the temperament and behavior of Thomas Magnum, and very much unlike Higgins.

Higgins is a great name for a proper, well-behaved smaller dog, whereas Magnum would be a great name for one that misbehaves and often gets himself into binds. One of the most popular names for a boy dog is Jake or Jacob. A very strong name, very solid, and very much a best friend. This is a name you would give a dog that hangs on your every word, follows your every move, and does as he is told to do, even if it means sitting on the porch while you go swimming.

Dakota is a name that is often given to a medium-sized dog, one with strength and willpower. Being strong at heart dog, with a strong will, but knowing his limits.

Montana is a name that can be used for a boy dog that has the size and girth of a large dog, one that you can see the underlying strength, even when it isn’t being used. Steady as oak would easily describe a dog with this name.

Renegade is a great name, and just as opposite as the name Jake or Jacob. Renegade may be strong, but he is very much a rebel at heart, will run off with your favorite shoe, steal the meat of your bbq grill, and stay just out of reach, running back and forth, his prize dangling from his mouth, and all the time laughter in his eyes. This name would be great for a medium to large-sized dog, but not so much for a smaller one.

Rebel is a great name for a dog much like Renegade, except Rebel will not be laughing. He will run, hide his prize and dare you to find it. A name for any size of the dog, and any breed.

If you are a motorcycle buff, and you have a sleek black lab, a great name for him would be Chopper. This dog should be as fun and carefree as many of the motorcyclists that are out there. Maybe your little boy dog loves to ride with you.

You can also name your boy dog depending on where you found it. I found a little dog along the road, and because I couldn’t keep her, the people that took her named her Highway. Names like this may not fit the dog, but it helps define the dog’s life.

Another life-defining name for a little boy dog that loves to hunt is Trapper. This is a great name for an outdoorsy type dog that can sit for hours and watch the birds and listen to the sounds. A pet cat we had named Trapper didn’t get his name this way. He was brought to us as a rescued cat, he was found in a large trap and he lost one of his hind legs. Something that I hope no one has to go through with their friend for life.

Other names you could choose would be from movies, sports teams, or names of characters in books. My kid’s named cats and dogs names such as Jasper, Xena, Jasmine, Jacob, Bear, Shoeless Joe, Petri, Tiger Lily, Nermal, Sassy, Duncan McCloud, Zachary Binx, Fiona, Babe Ruth, and the list is limitless.

Pick your boy dog’s name to fit his attitude, disposition, type, and his actions. You will find that he will be happier, and so will you. Whatever name you choose for your new best friend, make it one that both you and he can be proud of, and live up to.

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