PetSafe In-Ground Fence Review

PetSafe In-Ground Fence

Being a pet parent, one always remains concerned about the safety of their pet when they are playing in an open field. Surety of security is extremely important to let them play and enjoy the air with freedom and fun. To bind your pets to play in a specified secure area flagged with invisible fencing can work wonders. The PetSafe In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats makes one such containment system that has different shock levels to bound pets within the safe zone.

Here, check out the major pros and cons of this containment system and read about other in-ground dog fences by clicking here.


  • Ensures Security of Your Pets– With this system efficiently working, you won’t have to worry about the safety of pets anymore. It not only works for only a single pet, rather with the purchase of additional collars, you can protect all of your pets with same fencing system.
  • Surge Protector– The inclusion of small surge protector unit keeps the transmitter safe from sudden power shortage, power surges or lightning strikes. Working as a perfect lightning protector, this small unit increases the life of this containment system.
  • Low Battery Indication- With the timely indication of a low battery of the system, you can easily replace/ reinstall it with the new one. The expected life of the battery is about 1-2 months.
  •  Separate Designs for Different Pets- PetSafe In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats comes with different coverage options to choose from. There is a simple 5-acre fence, one for cats only, one for little dogs and one rechargeable in-ground fence. All come with different prices and have specific benefits. Depending upon the number and types of pets you own, you can purchase one of them.
  • Adjustable and Waterproof Receiver Collar– The receiver collar can be adjusted to different sizes and is perfect for 6 inches to 26 inches neck sizes. In addition to the flexibility of sizes, the receiver collar is water resistant so your pets can swim or play in the rain, and the collars will function perfectly.
  • Customizable and Adjustable Wired Fencing–  A pro with in ground fences is that you can customized the fencing based on your layout. So if you wanted your pet away from the garden you can add the wiring there. This unit allows you to expand up to 5 acres of coverage with the purchase of more wire and additional transmitters.


  • Splices in the Wire– Presence of splices in the cable wire call for so much trouble. Two most terrible issues related to weak wires are breakage and in-ground water penetration.
  • If the cable wires are too firmly intertwined, then the inside metal or insulation can crack with the increased pressure of tight contraction.
  • If the wire broke from these vulnerable points, or in severe cases water gets inside, then the whole system will be dead.
  • To make things work perfectly purchase thick wires that do not have any breakage point. But the thicker wires will be expensive.
  • Inconsistent Working– This PetSafe In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats surely gives a great coverage area of up to 5 acres. But its performance does not remain consistent on the entire customized area. It works perfectly in the designated area one time, while on the others, pets run around freely. This lack of efficient performance is really worrisome for the owners, especially for those who live alongside the main road.
  • Weekly Functioning Open Loop Indicator– This fencing system features an “open loop indicator”, that beeps in case of any breakage in the in-ground fence, just like any other in-ground wired fencing system. But adding to its downside, this beeping characteristic does not function properly, and you will only hear a low beep.

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