Symptoms of Common Infections in Dogs

Dog infections happen to be very common and they can range from mild to extremely serious. Always look for veterinary attention when you come across these symptoms of common infections in dogs so your dog can get the right treatment and medication as soon as possible.

Canine Distemper

Canine distemper would be one extremely serious infection, which could even be deadly in most infected puppies and adults dogs. The symptoms of common infections in dogs that could lead to canine distemper would include weight loss, nasal discharge, diarrhea, vomiting, eye discharge and congested lungs. As this disease gets worse, the dog virus will attack the dog’s nervous system, which could cause seizures and paralysis. Distemper also happens to be very contagious, but it can fortunately be prevented with vaccination.


Rabies is very contagious and becomes deadly after symptoms appear. The majority of county and state laws actually require a vaccine for rabies. In areas where outbreaks of dog rabies are common, an annual booster might be needed, too.

Ear Infections

Ear infections happen to be common when it comes to dogs, too, most of all if the dogs are poorly groomed or have floppy ears. This infection comes about because of excessive ear bacteria or fungi that lose control due to the dogs’ elongated ear shape and the liquid getting stuck in them. The symptoms of common infections in dogs that could lead to ear infections would include inflamed or red ears, a foul ear smell, red or brown ear wax, and frequent pawing and scratching at the ears. Fortunately, these infections are easily treated, though they do need veterinary attention.

Respiratory Infections

Lastly, upper respiratory dog infections can manifest in various ways while having different names to boot. The symptoms of common infections in dogs that could lead to these respiratory infections include dry coughs and trachea, sinus, bronchial, or larynx inflammations. Around 20% of the dogs infected also get pneumonia. These particular infections are very contagious and usually spread through dog shelters or kennels because of the dogs’ close contact with other another and the stress on their immune system because of it. Vaccination would therefore be highly recommended, though dog medications exist that can alleviate the overall symptoms if needed.

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