Tips to Help Your Dog Sleep Better

Dogs are man’s best friend, well rightly so, but if they don’t get their beauty sleep (well technically) they too can get frustrated and furious over nothing. Nobody likes to have their child like a pet dog to howl and get all fussy over little things that did not even bother him before. So helping your dog sleep better and soundly is a major duty if you happen to own one, they are your child who needs to be well kept.

Listed below are a few tips to help your dog sleep better.

Consistency – Be Consistent

Dogs are fast learners who help them build stable relationships with better humans. So, one must be consistent with their canines. If your dog wakes up at odd hours in the night, they will get used to it and not sleep when required thus creating problems for themselves and you. Train your dog to sleep at a certain time so that both you and your dog sleep soundly. Set a standard time for your dog’s last potty break of the day and don’t have him go out again until the morning.

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Water Intake

Keep a check on the time when your dog intakes water. Dogs should stop drinking water at least two hours before bedtime.  This can easily be done by just taking his water bowl away from him. It is always best to consult with your vet if there are some medical conditions that water shouldn’t be restricted. If your dog happens to be drinking too much of it, then it is time to get checked with your Vet.

Avoid Activities

When it is time for your dog to sleep avoid indulging him in too much activity to tire him out. That is the wrong thing to do because if your dog tires out from all the playing, he will ask for water and pant excessively. By allowing him to drink before bedtime, you are opening a window for him to wake up middle of the night for a bathroom break which for obvious reasons affects his sleeping pattern. 

A Dash of Melatonin

Well, it works wonders for dogs, and they seem to not adversely react to it. After consulting your Vet, check the dosage of Melatonin your dog needs according to his size, and give him little if he has trouble sleeping. Melatonin helps to sleep better when it comes to dogs, apart from any severe health issues a few milligrams of Melatonin shall help your dog sleep well.

Sleepless Dog Owner Problems

If the insomnia is your problem and not your dog’s, then you should consider going to a doctor instead of dragging your canine out in the middle of the night for a walk, just because you cannot get to sleep. We all get it he is your best friend, but he needs his sleep to be the friend that you want him to be.  So get your insomnia corrected and match your and your dog’s sleeping hours accordingly so you both can sleep soundly.

These few tricks belong to the basic trade, and apparently, the pets too adapt to it. They are selfless beings and probably will not be able to express in words how much pain they are in. Be attentive and keep a check on them.

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