Why Does My Dog Hump His Bed?

Do you ever think about why your dog is interested in humping his bed so much? Some dog owners are a mystery because they cannot find the answer. Well, you don’t have to keep wondering about that anymore because we are about to tell you why your dog shows this behavior in detail.

Many people think that dog looks adorable when it humps the bed or any other object lying around in the house because it looks delightful. But did you know that there is a specific reason behind this, and many people are unaware of it?

In most cases, dogs show this behavior because they try to release the excessive sexual tension they feel at a particular moment. Many people know about this fact, and that is why they brush it off and do not pay a lot of attention when their dogs start doing this and start humping the bed or any other object. 

If your dog is doing this, there might be a severe issue like a urinary tract infection that you need to take care of and address the situation accordingly. Mostly, it is normal dog behavior that dogs hump.

So, keep reading this article to find out why does my dog hump his bed and what you need to do when your dog humps.

Is it sexual for the dogs to hump?

Humping different objects is a prevalent behavior for dogs, and you can often see them doing it in public places. It is widespread because you can also see that dogs sometimes hump their owner’s legs, and sometimes they can also do it with other dogs who are near them.

If your dog has not been spayed yet and is less than one year, they will hump more frequently than the older dogs. And that is why it is expected that it is in the sexual nature of the dog to hump, and it is a sexual exercise for them to increase their sexual stimulation and satisfy their needs by humping.

But if your dog is younger, they are more likely to hump frequently, but they are expected to do it when they are feeling stressed or going through aggressive behavior lately.

However, it is essential to note that this behavior in dogs is not always associated with the sexual desire of the dogs. Sometimes they hump their dog bed because they are in a stressful situation, which can be due to other reasons.

So, it would not be right to associate this behavior with the sexual needs of the dog only—male dogs and female dogs both hump as well as the other dogs. Let’s discuss what makes the dog anxious!

A Sign of Excitement for the Dog

Are you wondering if your dog is overexcited if they have been humping different objects around the home lately? In that case, it is accurate because it is indeed a sign of excitement in your dog.

It is a prevalent and natural behavior in dogs, but if your dog is older, they might be doing it to show a sign of dominance in the presence of any other dog in your home.

If an activity excites your dog, they might do it to show their excitement. For example, if you purchase a new spray and spray that fragrance on your dog’s bed, it will make your dog very excited. It is the natural way for dogs to show their excitement by humping a pillow or a bed.

However, if your dog is showing this behavior outdoor, it will have a completely different meaning, and it means that your dog is not excited at all.

If your dog humps objects outdoors, it means that your dog has not been getting enough socializing for a long time and needs to go out more.

If there are some new visitors at your home and your dog likes to spend time with them, your dog might get excited once again and start humping in excitement!

You Forgot to Train Them

Are you going through a situation in which your dog keeps humping every single day and all the time? If your dog is showing this behavior too much and doing it frequently, it can cause embarrassment for some dog owners who are not used to having a dog before.

In that situation, you can analyze whether you have been training him or made it seem like a bad behavior for him or not in the past. Most of the time, it is just playful behavior from your dog.

That is why there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes dog owners get angry and irritated and scold their pet animals when they show this behavior too frequently. If you don’t want your dog to exhibit this behavior as often, you need to make them realize that it is bad behavior and not acceptable at all.

If you don’t let them know, then they will think that it is normal and playful behavior, and then they will keep doing it all the time.

That is why you need to set some anti-humping rules in your home so you can let them know that it is not acceptable behavior and train their behavior. You may want to read this post, “Dog Training Tips and Tricks.”

Breed Type of the Dog

This behavior also has a deep connection with your dog’s breed, and you need to keep that in your mind when you are training the behavior of your pet dog. Certain breed types of dogs are famous for humping a lot, and they even like to hump their bed and the legs of their owner. Those breed types include Rottweilers and Chihuahua.

They also like to hump the legs of the visitors at home, and sometimes it can become an embarrassing situation for the dog owners.

When you are thinking about getting a pet dog, if you think this situation will be embarrassing, you should not get a particular dog breed. But if you already have gotten the dog and are going through this situation, you cannot do much about it now.

With these dog breeds, you will not be successful in doing anything about it because all you can do is distract them from another activity. You can engage them and other activities and distract them as much as you can, then you will be successful in making the switch to any other activity.

Medical Problem

It is not recommended that if your dog is humping a lot, you assume that it is a sexual act because it can be due to many other reasons, and you need to keep them in your mind if you have a dog. Sometimes it can also be because of a medical issue and any skin irritation that the dog might feel, and you need to keep that in mind. Sometimes dogs show this behavior because they have prostate problems, and you need to get this problem checked by visiting a doctor for your dog.

Although commonly, it can be due to a sexual act in your dog, it is more common in younger dogs than in dogs of older ages. If your dog is doing it and is old, there can be other problems. That is why you need to get your dog checked as early as possible, so you make sure that there are no medical issues with your dog.

Humping the Bed Can Be a Problem

This is typical behavior in dogs most of the time, and there is nothing to worry about because they are just trying to show their excitement and playing around. It is usual for dogs, so it is not a huge concern for many people. But sometimes, it can become a problem for dog owners because it can be embarrassing when dogs start doing this at inappropriate times.

It is not a big issue, and that is why you should not worry about it. But sometimes, it can become an issue when your dog indulges in this activity multiple times in one hour. It is imperative to detect this issue and find out what is wrong with your dog early so you can get your top checked at the right time before the situation worsens.

That is why if you are noticing this activity in your dog frequently, then you should get in touch with the doctor for your pet dog as early as possible.

Tips to Train Your Dog to Stop Humping

Yes. You can train your dog not to indulge in this activity anymore. But some issues will arise because you will not know when they start doing it. After all, you cannot keep an eye on them all the time. Especially when your dog is spending some time in their bed, you will not be able to see what they are doing, and that is why it can be a problem for you, and you will not be able to train them properly.

As discussed above, you cannot assume that this activity is only a sexual act because it can also be an underlying medical problem that has not been appropriately addressed. You need to take care of it now. For the medical reason, get your dog checked for any underlying medical cause, skin allergy, personal preference, time licking, skin allergies, humping behavior, frequent humping, urinary tract infections, mounting behavior, sexual behavior, typical behavior, sexual maturity, and infection of their genital area. Dog humping is a normal behavior in male dogs and female dogs. A stuffed animal can help with dog humping.

A male dog and a female dog are alike in this situation. Male dogs have more desires, which is why a male dog licks itself. Male dogs perform dog humping because male dogs get excited and show humping behavior. An over-excited dog humps his bed, and other dogs who hump include excited dogs, fixed dogs, most dogs, older dogs, and dogs having medical issues.

Medical issues are a common problem in younger ones, and they need a toy to play with. A dog toy is a must for neutered males and dogs humping.


As discussed in the article, if your dog indulges in this activity, you don’t need to link it with sexual aggressiveness. There can be many environmental and medical situations that you need to keep in your mind. However, if your dog is showing this behavior more frequently lately, then you can get in touch with a doctor for that and get your dog checked. You can also hire a dog trainer to solve this problem and improve your dog’s overall behavior.

If you cannot do that, you can train your dog by yourself because all you need to do is discourage them whenever they are indulging in this activity. It is a way to let them know that it is not acceptable. Pets hump their genital area, and humans can find it annoying sometimes. It is a harmless expression when the dog does not get enough stimulation.

For obvious reasons, they need enough exercise, behavioral fixes, reduce excess energy, get learned behavior, favorite toy, notice common behavior, and check their sexual arousal. It is because urinary incontinence and painful erections can be bad for their well-being.


Should you let your dog hump a pillow?

Yes. It is completely fine, and you should allow your dog to hump a bed or any other object lying around the home because it is healthy for them. It is acceptable behavior for dogs and makes sure that it does not make any other dog or pet in your home angry.

It is unacceptable for them to play around and fight as long as they are not hurting themselves.

Why is my dog trying to hump his bed?

If you are wondering why your dog is trying to hump their bed, then it is because some dogs respond to stressful situations differently. It can be when your dog has met a new dog, and they are excited, and this is how they show their excitement by playing around.

What should I do when my dog humps his bed?

When your dog is humping their bed, you should not panic because it is natural for them to do so. The best way you can treat this situation is by redirecting them to any other task.

This lets your pet dog know that this behavior is unacceptable and you do not want them to do it. When your dog starts doing it, you can ask them to do other activities like standing up or sitting down.

Why does my dog hump her bed every day?

Are you wondering why does my dog hump his bed? It can be a stressful problem for them or overstimulation. But sometimes, it is natural for them to do so if they are trying to play. It is perfectly normal behavior for a dog.

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