5 Benefits of Having a Bed for Your Dog

Every dog owner knows the joy of being welcomed home by an over-zealous pup. Ever-ready to play and cheer up a gloomy day with their tricks and games, dogs become an indispensable part of our families in no time. They love us unconditionally. They ask for nothing but love and attention in return for their loyalty. They have truly earned the title of ‘man’s best friend’.

Dog Bed Benefits

So, what can you do to make life better for the dog that lightens up your day? An excellent place to start would be to get him a dog bed. Many people are apprehensive about getting one, as they simply do not see the necessity. They think it to be an unnecessary accessory to ‘spoil’ your dog. However, a dog bed much more than just a comfort utility for your pet. It has some essential advantages to make life better, not only for your canine but also for you. Here are the top 5 benefits of getting a dog bed for you furry friend:

1. It’s good for his physique

When sleeping on the floor or on a mat, a dog has to make do with whatever space and position he can muster. This is harmful for your dog’s postural health in the long run. The hard floor can be uncomfortable to sleep on, leading to restless and erratic sleep. This can cause your dog to become irritable and troublesome. Lack of sleep can affect his overall health adversely, too.

For old dogs with weak joints and overweight dogs, their physique can cause them extra distress if they sleep on an uneven or cushion-less surface. Therefore, it is advisable to get a suitable dog bed, in this case an orthopedic bed to ensure your dog’s optimum health.

2. Insulation from weather

Just like humans, dogs also need insulation and maintenance of an optimum temperature for comfort. Sleeping on the floor in winter or summer can expose your dog to temperatures lower or higher than what is good for him and cause him to fall sick. This is especially problematic because dogs are very susceptible to temperature change.

For this reason it is important to get a bed for your dog that keep him comfortable, no matter what the weather is. In areas with extremes of weather, temperature-controlling beds are a good option. In colder regions, self-warming or electricity-heated dog beds are a great option to create just the right temperature for your dog’s comfort. In hotter climates, cooling beds offer much-needed respite to your canines.

3. Preserve Your Furniture

Your dog does not know how expensive the cashmere rug is or how exquisite the Italian sofa is. He would just snuggle up there and leave behind an unsightly trail of fur and often dander. To avoid this and preserve your furniture, it is advisable that you get your dog his own bed. This concentrates all his shedding into one location, which can be cleaned up easily.

4. Comfortable sleep for both of you

It may be adorable to let your dog sleep in the same bed as you but it can become annoying after a while. Twitching and turning unexpectedly, butting you with a limb, or snuggling with a wet nose can disrupt the deepest of sleepers. Fur left behind by your dog on your bed can also cause respiratory complications. The best solution out of this is to get your canine his own bed so that both of you get enough space and sleep.

5. Dogs Need Their Own Space Too

Like anyone else, dogs too need their own space where they can feel comfortable and safe. Dogs sleep for about 12 hours a day so they need a snug spot that is always accessible to them, where they can curl up and rest. If you want to keep your dog happy by providing him this simple pleasure, it is advisable that you get him a bed of his own.

Getting the right bed for your dog is one of the things that you cannot compromise on. And these five benefits will help you ensure that you’ve made the right choice when it comes to gifting something special for your four legged pal.

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