Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs Reviewed

Top 4 Best Large Dog Beds Compared

Big Barker Extra Large Dog Bed

Big Barker Pillow Top Dog Bed

DogBed4Less Large Memory Foam Bed

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Bed

Kuranda elevated chewproofKuranda Elevated Large Bed
Kopeks Large Dog BedKopeks Extra Large Dog Bed

Do you own a large dog?

Congratulations! You are part of the exclusive league of the 11% of dog owners in America that have the chance to experience the charm of these adorable gentle giants. Having a dog means you will most probably have lower blood pressure, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, protection from a plethora of skin conditions and allergies, improved physical well-being, and lower stress levels. Aside from all these amazing benefits, your dog will protect you and will never leave your side.

Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

And with a large dog, you get all this in twofold. The sort of investment that dogs are willing to put into caring for you as their owners is enough reason for you to want to do the very best that you can to ensure that your dogs are happy and healthy. This may mean spending more time with them, buying them special treats or purchasing a high-quality dog bed that will help them feel comfortable and well rested. Now, before you jump into the reviews of the best dog beds for large dogs, you may want to learn some of the benefits of a dog bed. 

Why It’s Important for Your Large Dog to Have a Bed

It cannot be stressed enough how important dog beds are, especially for large dog breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and more. They are essential to the very health and well-being of your dog. Here are some reasons why you simply need to invest in a good quality dog bed for your large dog immediately:

1. It is good for your dog’s bones

A large dog carries around upwards of fifty pounds of weight as it goes about its daily duties. This causes serious strains to its skeleton. While your dog sleeps, its body begins to repair and rebuild the worn and torn areas that developed throughout the day. But this can only happen when your dog has a supportive structure to relieve the stress off its skeleton as its body works. Having your large dog sleep on a rug is no better than having it sleep on the floor.

Your dog’s body is not completely relaxed and the healing process continues to be disrupted as it tosses and turns. This may, in the long run, lead to osteoporosis or broken hip joints in your dog. A dog bed is able to give your dog the adequate support for optimum relaxation of its muscles and repair of its bones. Your dog will thank you for this.

2. It insulates them from extreme weather

Believe it or not, your dog notices when the seasons change, especially at bedtime when they are constantly reminded of the blazing heat of the summer or the frosty cold of the winter by the floor boards. With a bed, your dog is elevated from the ground and ceases to be in direct contact with it. The bed, therefore, insulates your dog from weather extremes and keeps your dog comfortable throughout the night. Raised dog beds for large dogs provide added benefits. Sleeping on a raised plane also means that they are less likely to be in contact with insects that may be crawling around. They are also less likely to be affected by any dampness in your floorboards or carpets.

3. Dogs Need Privacy Too

Dogs are territorial in nature. The domestication of dogs means that you merge your territory with theirs in that they are able to be possessive over your home, but they also acknowledge the fact that you are the real head of the house and that you have the final say. Giving them a bed that they can be pack leader over will restore some of their natural instincts and make them feel more at home in your home. Large dogs love to run around and play with everyone, but they also need a place that they own completely to have some peace and quiet by themselves.

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Now that it is pretty clear why it is imperative to have a dog bed if you own a large dog, you are probably wondering which bed to go out and buy. Here is a list of the best dog beds for big dogs and some of their pros and cons. This will help you to better gauge which particular bed will serve your specific dog best. 

Please note that we have only included the types of beds that are suitable for large dogs only. 

1. Big Barker 7 Inch Pillow Top Dog Bed

The Big Barker has gained a lot of recognition in the pet industry over the last ten years for good reasons. It is handmade in California, USA out of high-quality American made orthopedic memory foam. This particular bed is 7 inches thick and it utilizes a three-layer system to provide your large dog with just the right balance of comfort and support it needs for bone and tissue regeneration while it sleeps. The top and bottom layers are 2 inches thick and are made from H10 Comfort Foam to allow your dog to sink and relax into the bed. 

Big Barker Large Bed for Dogs Review

Sandwiched between them is a 3-inch thick layer of H45 Support Foam which is able to hold your large dog enough so that the weight is taken off its bones. It comes in three sizes: Large (48x30x7), Extra Large  XL (52x36x7), and Giant (60x48x7). It also comes with three color options: burgundy, khaki, and chocolate. These are all earth-toned colors, which means they will easily blend in inside your house and become barely noticeable. Below are some pros and cons of this large bed, and with all things considered, the Big Barker is the dog bed for your large dog. 


1. It is specially engineered to be able to support large dogs and will, therefore, provide the utmost comfort to it while it sleeps.

2. It includes a pillow top that supports your dog’s neck while it rests its head. This is vital in providing support for the neck and spine. 

3. It is very easy to clean. Just slip off the microfiber cover and toss it into a washer in a cold water cycle. You just air dry and slip it back on when it’s done.

4. The Big Barker has a 10-year money-back guarantee, which means that at any point within 10 years after purchasing if you feel that the dog bed has gone past 10% of its original shape and loft, you get your money back.


1. This dog bed is a little pricey, ranging from about $240 (for the large size) to $400 (for the giant size). But you get what you pay for! 

2. For dogs that are fond of chewing things, this bed might not be a good fit because it can easily be chewed apart.

2. DogBed4Less Premium Large Dog Bed

The Premium Orthopedic dog bed is made with superior quality memory foam that is 3 times heavier and 5 times denser than regular or polyfill foam. This dog bed is 4 inches thick and features a tow layer coverage system with a Taffeta waterproof fabric internal cover and a denim or microsuede cover over it. This dog bed consists of one single thick cut of memory foam as opposed to many glued layers like the Big Barker one above. But memory foam is known for its density so it’s just fine. 

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Large Bed Review

 It comes in three different sizes: 47×29 inches (the smallest size), 55×37 inches, and 55×47 inches (the largest size). It also comes in four different colors: Denim in blue, denim in brown, micro suede in brown, and microsuede in gray.


1. It is difficult to find a quality memory foam dog bed that retails for as little as this brand 

2. It also features a pillow top that provides a good support for your dog’s neck and spine.

3. The double coverage is really great. The waterproof internal cover ensures that the mattress does not get damaged by dampness. The comfortable fabric of the outer layer will feel great against your dog’s skin.

4. Cleaning is also much easier as the covers on this mattress are removable.


1. The waterproof internal cover also happens to not allow air in, which means that over time, the foam might start to release an unpleasant smell because it is closed off from fresh air all of the time.

2. This dog bed is not returnable so your money would be wasted if your dog happens not to like it.

3. Kuranda Chewproof Elevated Dog Bed

This elevated dog bed for large dogs is a very popular one due to its unique style. It is a raised bed with 6-inch legs made out of Walnut-colored PVC, a very durable material. It has Cordura stretched over the top, which is one of the most unique features of this dog bed. Cordura is an abrasion-resistant fabric, much like a canvas, and a lot of traction is provided by this fabric for climbing on and off this bed. This makes it friendly to even older dogs with weaker bones and joints. The Cordura edges are tucked into the PVC frame, making it very hard to fray and, hence, very durable.

Kuranda Large Elevated Dog Bed Review

 The Kuranda comes in 5 sizes: Small (30×20), Medium (35×33), Large (40×25), Extra Large (44×27) and XXL (50×36). The Cordura top comes in 4 colors: burgundy, smoke, khaki, and forest green. There is also an all-aluminum version of this bed which is much stronger but costs just a couple of dollars more than the PVC one. 


1. The raised off-the-floor dog bed style makes it especially suitable for large dogs with a lot of fur as the mesh fabric will allow passing air, and your dog won’t be overheated. 

2. It is very easy to clean. A wet washcloth with alleged-free soap should be able to do the job efficiently.

3. Because of the way that the Cordura is tucked into the frame, your dog will be unable to rip this bed apart making it a very durable choice.

4. There is a 1-year warranty on this dog bed, so the manufacturer will replace any parts that you find faulty.


1. Because the bed is pretty high off the ground, continual use for a long time especially be really large dogs might cause the frame to get weak and unstable.

2. This dog bed is fully chew-proof. However, a dog that is a digger may be able to cause rips in the Cordura.

4. Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

The KOPEKS company makes this dog bed out of high-end therapeutic memory foam. It also features a 2 cover system with an internal waterproof cover and an external microfiber cover. This bed also has a three-inch thick pillow on the extreme end. It is advertised to be great for dogs with hip dyspepsia, arthritis, and joint and muscle stiffness. The Extra Large bed is 50 inches in length, 34 inches in width, and 7 inches high, with an additional 3 inches at one end from the pillow. It comes in the color dark chocolate and is certainly one of the best large dog beds out there. 

Kopeks Extra Large Headrest Dog Bed Review

The Kopeks beds are very similar to the Big Barker one above but with a much lower price tag. This is undoubtedly one of the best dog beds for big dogs that you can find in the market. 


1.This bed is specialized for dogs with joint and muscle conditions and is, therefore, very suitable for all large dogs as it will help prevent those conditions.

2. It comes with the double layer cover with the internal cover being waterproof, which is great for keeping out dampness and elongating the mattress’s life span.

3. The covers slip off and are therefore easy to wash. Toss them in a washer and wash them with cold water. Air dry and slip back on.


1. This dog bed can take up to 14 days to expand into its actual size. If your dog is heavy enough, the mattress will not be able to rise, meaning that it will be a few inches shorter and definitely denser and more uncomfortable.

2. Dogs that are chewers can easily shred parts of this dog bed apart.

Types of Beds That are Suitable for Large Dogs

Now that you know the famous names in the business, a decision on which style of dog bed you should buy must be reached. This decision is a very easy one to make. You just have to know the type of dog that you have and its sleeping character. Below is a list of some types of large dog beds and the kind of dogs they are suitable for:

Standard Beds

Standard beds are regular mattress-like beds that are usually rectangular or oval-shaped and in one plane. They do not come with any rims, edges, or elevations. The stuffing for standard beds is usually polyester fill or memory foam. This kind of bed is suitable for large dogs that like to sleep stretched out. Because of the lack of elevations and rims, they will not have any obstructions as they sleep. That is why comfort-wise, standard beds are considered to be the best type of beds for large dogs.  

Raised Beds

Raised beds have sturdy frames and a cushioned interior much like a human bed. Raised bed frames are usually made of metal, PVC, wicker, or wood, and they usually have one side with no edge to allow the dog easy access in and out of the bed. Off the ground, raised dog beds are suitable for large dogs with a lot of fur as they are high enough to keep the fur far from the ground. They are also suitable in colder regions because your dog is far from the ground and not in contact with the floorboards. Raised beds are suitable for large dog breeds that sleep on their sides because of the elevated edges.


Large dogs are arguably the strongest type of dogs there are. But they are also the most susceptible to bone and joint injuries due to the heavy weight that they carry around on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important for you to purchase a good quality bed for your dog so that it can rest peacefully while it sleeps and avoid complications with its physique due to extra stress on its skeleton. With all the information above, find out which bed will be most suitable for your dog and then go out and purchase it. Your dog deserves it.

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