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The 6 Best Dog Crates Compared

MidWest Life Stages Heavy-Duty Folding Metal

MidWest Life Stages Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Dog Crates

AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door with Paw Protector

AmazonBasics Single & Double Door Dog Crate with Paw Protector

MidWest iCrate Single Door & Double Door FoldingMidWest iCrate Single & Double Door Dog Crate
NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet HomeNOZTONOZ Sof-Krate
Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet HomePetnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor
Midwest Solution Series "Ginormus" Double DoorMidwest Solution Series “Ginormous” Double Door Dog Crate

Your dog may associate a crate as a doggie jail or as a cozy chamber depending on your perspective and how you use the crate. Many dog owners hate the idea of crating their dogs, thinking it is such a cruel thing for their beast friends. On the contrary, the best dog crates can be the safest and most comfortable place for your dog. Dogs have a natural denning instinct that they have inherited from their wolf ancestors. Wolves prefer enclosed quarters as they sleep; this gives them the feeling of security away from predators. This is also true for modern dogs. Therefore, you don’t have to feel bad about leaving your pet locked in a crate. There are multiple benefits a crate can offer. Veterinarians and professional dog trainers both recommend the use of a crate.

Top 6 Dog Crates

Benefits of Using a Dog Crate

A Good Dog Crate is Your Dog’s Oasis

If you crate-train your pooch properly, he will consider his crate as a cozy retreat where he can escape the hustle and bustle going on inside the house. Dogs also need some quiet time alone and away from naughty children. Just like their wolf ancestors, modern dogs need modern dens where they can have a shut eye away from prying eyes.

A Dog Crate is a House-training Tool

Crates are quite handy for house-training dogs who aren’t yet housebroken. When of appropriate size, a crate serves as a den-like quarter for dogs and dogs naturally want their sleeping quarters free of waste. This encourages control.

A Crate Saves Your Dog from Harm

Dogs are often clumsy, and their curiosity causes them more harm than good. Until he is fully housebroken, a crate will keep your pooch safe and sound during your absence. He won’t be able to befriend poisonous critters or chew on electrical wires. Likewise, this saves you from eye-watering vet treatments.

A Puppy Crate Encourages Independence

Dogs enjoy company, especially from their beloved owners. However, some dogs become nervous without their owners, so they tend to trail beside you as much as they can. Such dogs tend to develop disagreeable habits if not corrected. You can create a safe and homey environment with a crate by putting rewards there, such as chew toys and a dog crate bed. Consider turning on the radio before you leave. You may also use a DAP diffuser beside his crate to send soothing pheromones around him.

A Crate Allows Your Dog to Travel with You

Dogs love the holidays and get excited just as you do. Putting him in a crate allows for safer road travel otherwise, he will climb into the front and back, which may cause serious accidents. You can also bring your dog via air travel since some products are airline-approved. Don’t expect your dog to sit next to you, though.

A Crate Keeps Your Furniture Intact

Dogs, especially large breeds, tend to become destructive when bored. Even smaller dogs can’t sometimes distinguish between furniture and toys. So until he is housebroken, it would be best to put him in a crate and leave his favorite toys there for play.

1. MidWest Life Stages Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Dog Crates

Assigning your baby pooch or newly adopted furry buddy his own permanent, personal space provides him a sense of stability and belongingness; otherwise, continually changing his sleeping quarters can cause him anxiety and mistrust. It helps to have a crate, which serves as his sleeping chamber to which he can grow or get accustomed. Countless dog owners recommend the MidWest Life Stages Heavy-duty Folding Metal Dog Crate, which is MidWest’s best crate to date. The MidWest Life Stages is made of heavy-gauge steel with wire construction. However, many dog owners worry that their dogs might outgrow their crates and therefore force them to buy another dog shelter, which is quite an uneconomical choice for a majority of households.

MidWest Life Stages Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Dog Crates Review

Fortunately, MidWest Life Stages crate is specially designed to be your dog’s home for life! Such a crate is multifunctional and versatile. This metal dog crate can be widened to provide more room for your growing pooch.

MidWest Life Stages crate includes a divider panel, which allows the length of the current area to be adjusted as your baby pooch grows into adulthood. Likewise, this crate can be made smaller for potty training. Keeping the space just enough to make him feel snug and toasty prevents your pooch from pooping on one end while sleeping on the other. MidWest Life Stages crate is an excellent way to help cut housebreaking time and reduce behavioral issues in dogs. Moving on, the MidWest Life Stages crate features a double-door design to give dog owners the advantage of easy placement. The double door design allows both side and front access, so there’s still an entry for your dog even when the crate is placed in the corner of a room. The MidWest Life Stages crate is also portable, making it the ideal equipment for mobile dogs. It simply sets up and folds down to a convenient size for easy transport. This crate also comes with two plastic handles for carrying.

With dogs in mind, the MidWest Life Stages crate is designed to provide your beloved canine with the utmost security and comfort. Another highlight of the MidWest Life Stages crate is its slide-bolt latch to help keep your dog safe inside. This crate also exhibits around corners, a kind feature for the clumsy or overactive pooch. The MidWest Life Stages crate also highlights its durable black e-coat finish that adds a hint of sophistication to its looks. Lastly, the MidWest Life Stages crate comes with a removable ABS plastic pan that is easy to clean and disinfect.


  • Features double doors for convenient placement
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Portable and multifunctional
  • Includes plastic handles for carrying
  • Includes a divider panel
  • Saves you money from buying new and bigger crates
  • Composite pan is made of durable ABS plastic; easy to clean
  • Features rounded corners for protection


  • Door latch easily wears
  • A rambunctious dog may escape

2. AmazonBasics Single & Double Door Dog Crate with Paw Protector

If you are looking for a metal dog crate that is durable, portable, and most of all, budget-friendly, look no further. The Amazon Basics Single-Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate is the perfect solution. It has all the features you need in a durable and high-quality dog crate that will surely cater to your dog’s bare necessities. The Amazon Basics crate features a convenient dual door design: an access point from the front and another from the side. Each door has a slide-bolt latch to ensure your pet won’t break loose and run free, especially when you aren’t looking. In addition, such a design enables you to clean the crate or arrange the bedding more easily. This unit also includes a removable pan that you can clean and disinfect without taking your pet out.

AmazonBasics Single & Double Door Dog Crate with Paw Protector Review

Moving on, this metal dog crate by Amazon Basics takes pride in its durable metal-wire construction. With proper care, this crate can survive for years. You can use it for potty training, house training, and so much more. You don’t have to worry about a puppy outgrowing its crate. The Amazon Basics crate can accommodate an adult canine as well. To accommodate two puppies, simply adjust the optional divider panel to give an appropriately-sized space for each pet. The Amazon Basics crate also features rounded corners for safety. Moreover, the metal-wire construction allows ventilation and visibility. Metal crates are preferable, especially if you have a chewer. Dogs can easily chew their way out with plastic and wooden crates. The Amazon Basics crate can also be folded flat for easy storage during trips or vacations. Another highlight of this crate is the mini dividers between each metal bar that is located at the crate’s bottom. This feature is crucial for puppies with tiny paws since it prevents your dog’s paws from getting stuck. If your dog’s paws are rough, you can always smooth them with dog paw balm.


  • Mini dividers prevent paws from slipping through
  • Offers ease of use
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Portable; folds easily for storage
  • Features dual door design for easy placement
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes removable pan
  • Can accommodate two puppies
  • Can accommodate an adult dog


  • Assembling the crate takes time
  • Isn’t strong enough for a heavy, agile dog

3. MidWest iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates

The iCrate Single-Double Door Folding Dog Crate by MidWest is one of the best-selling dog crates to date. What is more, it is easy on the pocket so you can provide a comfortable place for your dog without undergoing unnecessary economic analysis.

The MidWest iCrate highlights its durable cage-like metal construction, allowing you to monitor your dog anytime easily. This crate also features a double door design for easy placement and a movable divider panel so you can get a perfect-sized crate for your dog.

MidWest iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates Review

Space is the least of your concern with this crate. MidWest understands that dogs don’t like a congested space, just as we don’t. The MidWest iCrate provides 42” x 28” x 30” of space for your dog. Nonetheless, you can always adjust the space to suit your dog. Minimizing the space aids in toilet training since it prevents your pooch from pooping at the opposite end of the crate. Know that a crate too large or too small may also cause agitation and discomfort to your dog, especially for a puppy or a newly adopted one who is still trying to settle down. Likewise, the double door feature and the movable divider panel enable you to house two dogs in one crate.

The MidWest iCrate is easy to set up. It does not require any professional help or special tools at all. What is more, this crate is foldable and travel-friendly. Maintaining the cleanliness of the MidWest iCrate is also an easy feat. This unit comes with a composite pan at the bottom and rubber feet, both of which protect your shiny floor. MidWest, a notable brand that started the business back in 1921, guarantees that its equipment is built to last.


  • Spacious enough for a large dog
  • Can accommodate two medium-sized dogs separately
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Assembly does not require professional help or use of tools
  • Includes a composite pan
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cage-like structure for easy monitoring


  • Removable pan is made of substandard material
  • Some edges are sharp and may hurt the dog

4. NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

If you are looking for a lightweight and portable dog crate for the holidays and vet visits, you may want to consider getting a soft crate instead of the typical metal dog crate. NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home resembles a squeezebox tent for your canine companion. This crate is comprised of thick and tightly woven mesh fabric, industrial zipper locks, and sturdy steel frames. What is more, this crate’s base is water-resistant.

If you look closely at the product, you’ll be amazed at the sewing quality and the sturdiness of the zippers. Though lightweight, the mesh panels are heavy-duty and well-ventilated to keep your dog feeling cool inside, which is a plus if you live in a humid area.

NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home Review

With its unique handy push button tabs, setting up the NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate is child’s play. Likewise, storing it is just as easy. Its squeeze box or accordion-like structure allows you to fold the crate in just a few seconds. It also doesn’t consume a lot of space since its flat. As for long road trips or small errands, simply roll down the door, and your pooch will stay comfortable inside. The NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate also features three access points for easy placement and utmost convenience.

The NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate is made of non-toxic premium materials. It doesn’t have sharp interior corners to prevent any form of injury to your pet. It also features rounded edges on its exterior to prevent damage to your walls or vehicle. And unlike most soft crates, NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate is fully washable and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, crates like this one aren’t made for chewers and hyperactive dogs. Soft crates aren’t suitable for chewers. Such crates are named ‘soft’ for a reason, and that’s because these types of crates are comprised of nylon and mesh panels that a chewer can easily wreck. If your beloved pooch is still trying to cope with separation anxiety issues, providing him with a pet-friendly crate would still be great instead of letting him hurt his teeth as he chews on the cold metal.


  • Lightweight
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Includes industrial zippers and metal steel frames
  • Assembly only takes seconds
  • Portable
  • Washable


  • Unsuitable for chewers and dogs who like to escape

5. Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

While most dogs don’t mind the sound of metal, some find it simply daunting, while others associate it with the dog pound. A majority of these dogs have anxiety issues and are prone to chewing. This is especially true for newly adopted dogs from the pound. Fortunately, there’s Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home, a pet-friendly crate that is almost as durable as the metal ones. Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 provides a warm and comfortable nook for your pet that won’t scare them the way a metal crate can.

Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home Review

It won’t hurt their teeth either since there is nothing to chew. The Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 is good for both timid and rowdy dogs weighing up to 70 pounds. The mesh of this crate comes in a combination of earth colors, which is a smart choice to conceal minor stains from wear and tear. This unit also features round corners to ensure your dog won’t get cut. Moving on, the Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 is made of heavy-duty mesh fabric that is strongly supported by a steel frame. Its mesh windows exhibit tiny holes to ensure proper ventilation without compromising your pet’s security. In addition, the material is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wet dog smell.

Moreover, Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 provides two access points: one on the top and one on the front. Not only this feature allows you to access your pet easily, it also helps in placement. Both doors use industrial zippers and door latches. Rest assured, your dog won’t hurt himself if there’s no opening where he can squeeze his paw.

This lightweight and portable unit making it the perfect den for your mobile dog. Most importantly, the Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 provides a homey atmosphere for your dog during travels. Port-A-Crate E2 is machine washable and easy to assemble. Price-wise, this unit is a budget-friendly option.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Machine washable
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Can be folded down for storage
  • Water-resistant
  • Can accommodate small to medium breeds
  • Affordable


  • Fabric is difficult to clean when stained during potty accidents
  • Dedicated chewers may be able to escape through in time

6. Midwest Solution Series “Ginormous” Double Door Dog Crate

As its name suggests, the MidWest Ginormous dog crate is for the gigantic and enormous furry buddies! Finally, Great Dane, Mastiff, St Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Borzois, and Great Pyrenees owners can sigh with relief. Searching for an extra, extra large crate can be a challenge due to misleading marketing. When I say it’s huge, it’s really huge! The unit measures 54″ x 37″ 45″ and weighs roughly 80 pounds. It stands as tall as a 4 ft. kid, which is good to allow more headroom for your dog.

Gigantic dogs are naturally strong, even gentle giants. How much more for rowdy enormous dogs who love to play Houdini? Hence, MidWest ensures that its product can withstand abuse from rambunctious dogs. 

Midwest Solution Series "Ginormous" Double Door Dog Crate Review

The MidWest Ginormous dog crate features four drop-pin construction to maximize the crate’s resilience against the brunt of a heavy, agile dog. Likewise, it highlights its dual door design for convenient placement. Even the most dedicated escapee will yield three secure slide-bolt latches per door.

The MidWest Ginormous crate is originally designed to cater to the needs of dogs weighing 110 pounds or more. Regardless, a spacious crate such as this one is also ideal for senior dogs and dogs with certain health issues who need temporary confinement. A dog suffering hip dysplasia, for instance, finds it excruciating just to curl up. Hence, it would be ideal for providing him with the extra room where he can turn around, stretch, or just be comfortable the way he wants it.

Moving on, the MidWest Ginormus comes with rubber feet to protect your floor and a durable composite pan that you can easily clean. Price-wise, you can never find a crate this big, durable, yet reasonably priced. It’s quite a bargain considering its size and materials used. The only issue is that you need help from two to three people to assemble the pieces, which is not much of a big deal considering how long-lasting it is.


  • Fits large to giant dogs
  • Has plenty of headroom
  • Features dual door design
  • Features drop-pin construction and slide-bolt latches for each door
  • Includes composite pan
  • Includes rubber feet
  • Heavy-duty, escape-proof
  • Built to last


Crate training appropriately done is among the most effective ways to correct destructive dog behavior. Likewise, it is a vital tool for house training and help teaches a dog ways to relax and become more independent. The best dog crates are also a lifesaver for countless dog owners as it protects their dogs from harm during their absence. No matter how much we love our pets, we can’t always be around to supervise them.

Likewise, such equipment provides your dog with a sense of security and ownership. It becomes his own private place, much like a bedroom for a child. However, a crate must not be abused. It may create a safe boundary for your dog within your home, but just as you would not spend all your life in one room, your dog should not spend most of his time in his den.

If your dog is well-behaved and non-destructive, you may not opt for heavy-duty crates and go with soft crates instead. Soft crates are more pet-friendly and lightweight, making them the perfect portable crate for long and short trips. Heavy-duty crates are more expensive, and although they can also be transported, it’s a little uncomfortable carrying one around. If you have an escape artist for a pet, choose heavy-duty crates without any hesitation.

Now that you have seen your crate options, it is now up to your needs and budget.

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