Best Dog Blankets Reviewed

Top 4 Best Dog Blankets

PetFusion Premium Blanket PetFusion Premium Blanket 
Rivers West Heavy-duty Waterproof Blanket (Outdoor)Rivers West Heavy-duty Waterproof Blanket (Outdoor)
Allisandro Flannel BlanketAllisandro Flannel Blanket
PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket (Fleece)PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket (Fleece)

Dogs love to snuggle and feel toasty under the covers, just like we do. The mere warmth and softness of a blanket can make a huge difference in a dog’s wellbeing. It can offer a sense of comfort and security, especially for a dog with anxiety issues. On the contrary, I don’t think a castaway blanket with tears and holes can offer such. If only your pets could speak your vernacular, they would surely complain about the cheap rags they use as blankets.

best dog blankets

Perhaps a blanket is not as important as a dog bed, but it is a welcome comfort that holds many benefits. But what makes the best dog blankets different from regular blankets? No, it isn’t the paw and bone prints. It’s about attachment and a sense of ownership. Dogs love to have their own things too. As soon as they develop an attachment to something, they get a little possessive just because they value it very much.

Benefits of Using A Dog Blanket

A Dog Blanket is Home Away from Home

Dogs become restless and distracted in uncharted territories; this is where his trusty blanket becomes handy during outings, vacations, sleepovers, etc. A few sniffs of his beloved blanket help him feel relax in his new environment. His blanket is his go-to spot where he can at least feel secure. Just like children, dogs feel more comfortable around their special things.  

A Dog Blanket Promotes Sound Sleep

The warm fuzzy fibers of a blanket can help dogs fall asleep fast. It also provides just the right amount of heat he needs to stay pleasantly warm throughout the night.

A Dog Blanket is Your Dog’s Best Friend During Thunderstorms

Most dogs are afraid of lightning and thunder. They flee as soon as they hear the first sharp crash. Providing him the dog blankets allows him to burrow and hide where he can feel safe. A dog blanket also serves as a comfort object for a dog with separation anxiety. 

A Dog Blanket Protects Your Belongings from Hair and Dirt

A dog blanket allows your dog to enjoy car rides without leaving scratches and dirty footprints on your car seat. You can also purchase one of the best car seat covers for dogs that we have listed in that article. It also spares you from having to clean stray hairs on the couch.


1. PetFusion Premium Blanket (Reversible)

PetFusion is a notable brand among dog owners for its array of luxurious, lofty beds; they are also famous for their high-quality dog booster seats. But that’s not all! PetFusion astonished dog owners once more with the PetFusion Reversible Micro Plush Premium Blanket. Lucky for us, PetFusion made sure that all dog breeds could enjoy supreme comfort with their product. They managed to create small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. The largest size is 53” x 41”, which is fair enough for your gentle giant. Big or small, dogs would surely love to snuggle up on his bed with this soft and cozy blanket. 

PetFusion Premium Blanket Best Dog Blankets Reviewed

As expected of PetFusion, this blanket is made only of select materials. As its name suggests, the product is of premium quality. If you are a little doubtful, countless reviews from satisfied dog owners can attest such claim. In fact, the PetFusion Premium Blanket has a consistent 5-star rating on Amazon.

Moving on, the PetFusion Premium Blanket is made of 100% polyester, which makes it extremely strong and resilient. Polyester fabric is ideal for dogs due to its abrasion resistance and overall durability. Finally, there’s a blanket that will not yield to destructive chewers! Likewise, the PetFusion Premium Blanket does not wrinkle, shrink or stretch even after several washes. And speaking of ‘washes’, PetFusion Premium Blanket is very easy to clean and quick to dry. Due to its hydrophobic nature, this blanket is also great for dogs who are prone to making little ‘accidents.’ You won’t have to worry about a stinky, damp blanket anytime soon.  

In addition, the PetFusion Premium Blanket is chemical, mildew, and pill-resistant. (*Pilling is the appearance of bubbles on the fabric surface). Without pill resistance, the blanket could lose its comfort, form fuzz, and eventually wear off. Hence, such a feature proves this blanket is built to last.

It is no surprise that there aren’t so many negative feedback about PetFusion Premium Blanket. Picky customers always tend to have obnoxious remarks about almost all of their purchases, but surely not this one. Price-wise, the PetFusion Premium Blanket is definitely not a cheap option, especially if you have large dogs. But that’s to be expected of a luxurious blanket.



  • Available in all sizes
  • Does not slip; stays tucked into the edges of a dog bed
  • Abrasion, chemical, mildew, and pill-resistant
  • Won’t wrinkle, shrink or stretch
  • Machine-washable for easy maintenance and dries fast
  • Provides extra warmth and comfort
  • Won’t accumulate hair or fur
  • Features dual-sided velvet design
  • Protects bed, couch, and car seat
  • Simply luxurious


  • Only available in grey
  • Far from being budget-friendly

2. Rivers West Heavy-duty Waterproof Blanket (Outdoor)

While little mellow slackers (such as the Maltese, Chihuahua, and Shih Tzu, among others) prefer the comforts of a warm abode, most dogs can’t contain their energy and curiosity; they would love to keep themselves busy pursuing mischief and adventure instead of lounging on the sofa. Your dog would be overjoyed if you allowed him to tag along when you go fishing, hiking, camping, etc. But the thought of a scratched upholstery and a muddy trail inside your car often blurs the excitement, persuading you just to leave him at home. Thankfully, there’s Rivers West Tundra Waterproof Fleece Blanket!

Rivers West Heavy-duty Waterproof Blanket (Outdoor) Review

The Rivers West Tundra Waterproof Fleece Blanket is the ultimate solution for dog owners with an active lifestyle. No more slipping, sliding, or damaging the car seat this time. 

Now you can bring your canine buddy for outdoor activities! It keeps your car clean and dry even if your dog hops inside right after swimming. The blanket’s microfleece construction also provides warmth to keep the shivers at bay. You can lay it on the grass during picnics, too, so he can rest on it without having to worry about the wind; it’s 100% windproof. It is chew-proof and extremely durable as well. Likewise, the Rivers West Tundra Waterproof Fleece Blanket is water-resistant and won’t keep any lingering wet dog smell.

Due to its water resistance, the Rivers West Tundra Waterproof Fleece Blanket can also provide extra protection for puppies during potty training as well as for senior dogs. This is where the Rivers West Tundra Waterproof Fleece Blanket makes a difference. It is definitely a versatile blanket that offers endless uses! No wonder it is the best-selling outdoor blanket on the market. In addition, the Rivers West Tundra Waterproof Fleece Blanket is machine-washable and demands minimum upkeep. It measures 48” x 60” and weighs only 14 oz.


  • Versatile; can be used in various ways
  • Ideal for dog owners with an active lifestyle
  • Lightweight and portable; comes with straps
  • Micro-fleece construction
  • Water-resistant and chew-proof
  • Machine-washable


  • Dog hair clings
  • Functional but not cute

3. Allisandro Flannel Blanket

There’s a reason why Allisandro Flannel Blanket ranks third on this list; that’s because it is the softest and coziest blanket you could ever find! This product has a consistent 4.75 rating on Amazon, proving dog parents love it. Unfortunately for medium and large dogs, the Allisandro Flannel Blanket has only one size available that measures 39” x 31”. Nonetheless, it is the perfect snuggle blanket if you have puppies or small breeds such as the Inca Orchid, French Bulldog, Japanese Spitz, etc.

Allisandro Flannel Blanket Review

The Allisandro Flannel Blanket is made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Its thick coral fleece can be used in various ways, such as a blanket to keep your pet toasty throughout the night; bedding to make his sleeping corner more comfortable; and as a protective covering to keep hair, footprints, and scratches away from sofas. Nervous pets can also greatly benefit from this blanket. Know that a soft and warm blanket envelops a dog with a sense of security and relaxation.

In addition, the Allisandro Flannel Blanket is machine-washable and can also be used for cats. Your spoiled cat will surely love its heavenly texture just as much as your dog, regardless of the cute doggie paw prints!


  • Ultra soft coral fleece
  • Cute doggie prints
  • Can also be used for cats



  • Only for small breeds
  • Not as thick as expected
  • Sheds a lot of wash

4. PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket (Fleece)

The PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is another excellent product, which is currently among the featured items in Amazon and has garnered a total of 4.3 4.3-starting from roughly 700 reviews on Amazon alone. Compared to a majority of flee blankets, the material used in PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is breathable, which is ideal for furry or hairy dogs that require sufficient ventilation even when covered with a blanket. Its double-sided coral fleece fabric is also pill-resistant, which is a huge plus in plush blankets.

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket Best Dog Blankets

Moreover, the PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is available in three different sizes. The smallest size measures 30″ x 20″ while the largest one you can get measures 40″ x 32″.  Likewise, it also has three colors to choose from: pink, blue, and grey. Pink is a lovely color for Lady Pooch, but Mr. Bow-Wow will surely love the blue. (*Canines use colors to distinguish between items.) This soft velvety blanket also has cute multi-colored polka dots and black accented edges, which makes it an attractive backdrop for your dog’s next Pinterest-worthy photo.

The PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is not water-resistant, but it is easy to clean and quick to dry. A majority of buyers have been using this product right out of the box since it doesn’t have any chemical smell that other products do. Handled correctly, the PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket will surely stay soft and lush for a long time.


  • Light and breathable coral fleece
  • Soft and velvety
  • Machine washable
  • Available in three colors and sizes
  • Can be used right of the box


  • Not suitable for chewers
  • Not water-resistant


It’s quite sad to take away something from your dog once he becomes attached to it, especially a comfort object such as a blanket. So he better has his own trusty blanket that he can drag from one place to another whenever he likes. Give him one that is warm and soft so he can fall asleep easily. A comfortable blanket offers a lot of benefits not just for your pet but also for the entire family as well.

More and more dog owners have now become aware of its advantages; it is no surprise that there are emerging varieties of the best dog blankets today due to the increased demand. There are dog blankets designed to provide extra padding on a dog bed; dog blankets to protect car seats and upholstery; waterproof dog blankets for outdoor use; and multi-functional blankets as well. You want to try it all, but you just can’t buy everything. To make things easier, you can at least choose among the 4 best dog blankets mentioned above.

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