Best Dog Beds for Small Dogs Reviewed

Top 6 Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

Barker Junior 4” Orthopedic Bed, with HeadrestBarker Junior 4” Orthopedic Bed, with Headrest 
Friends Forever Ortho Dog Bed Friends Forever Ortho Dog Bed
BRINDLE Memory Foam Bed

BRINDLE Memory Foam Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Small Pet BedPetFusion Ultimate Small Pet Bed
Good Life Small/Toy Dog BedGood Life Small/Toy Dog Bed
​Best Friends Comfort Dish Dog BedBest Friends Comfort Dish Dog Bed

Do you wait to snuggle in your bed every evening? Well, the same happens to our pets. When picking the perfect dog bed, we want them to feel comfy and loved as they turn in after a long active day. Considering that your dog doesn’t have to get up when you do, they should feel comfortable and well-supported for hours.

The best dog bed should be durable and made from high-quality materials. It should be in line with your dog’s size, age, and even lifestyle. Also, consider their health since if you are tending an injured dog, they’ll need extra care as they lay for long hours on the bed.

You’ll find many categories of dogs beds in pet stores. From mats, orthopedic styles, cots, nesting designs, and even bolster beds. Join us as we explore the best bed designs for your pet. Now, these dog beds are specifically recommended for small breeds such as chihuahuas, pomeranians, terriers, and more. Learn more about chihuahuas in our post, “How Long Do Chihuahuas Live?”

Dog Bed Benefits

  • They provide a Private Space

Even dogs need their space. With a bed, they’ll have a spot where they can retreat, knowing no one else is coming to share that place with them. It gives your pooch a sense of security as it protectively nests them.

  • Provide Insulation

While dogs have fur to protect them from cold, sleeping on floors can be unforgiving during winter. A dog bed is ideal for shielding them from the cold and keeping them warm throughout the night. Even the other months of summer gets cold nights. As such, a dog bed feels nice every day of the year.

  • It gives you control over the Spread of Dirt, Hair, and Dander

Instead of leaving your dog to drool, chew on furniture and even bring with them dirty feet, having it all happen in one location is easier to clean. It is also hygienic to have them sleep in their bed since they deposit pretty much everything from bacteria to hair in every place they sleep.

  • Excellent Cushion for Joints and Knees

Older dogs, in particular, have complications with their joints and knees. That’s why they need extra cushioning and support. Beds are soft and built to provide substantial comfort for aching joints.  Arthritic dogs also need that extra care with a comfy bed.

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Reviews of The Top Dog Beds for Small Breeds That We Picked

1. Barker Junior 4” Orthopedic Bed, with Headrest

Whether big or small, dogs need to catch a few Zs during the day and hit the sack for a couple more hours at night to stay happy and healthy. As a fur parent, it is your obligation to provide your fur kid a nice and toasty bed, which would mean the world to him! If you have a smaller breed weighing 50 lbs. or below, such as a Cocker Spaniel or a French Bulldog, the Big Barker Junior 4” Orthopedic Bed would be a perfect choice!

Just like any USA-made Big Barker product, every inch of this bed boasts of premium quality. Artisans with at least three decades of experience have meticulously crafted each bed to perfection.

Barker Junior 4” Orthopedic Best Dog Beds  for Small Dogs

This doggy bed may cause a pretty penny but unlike bargain-priced beds that use imported low-grade foam, you can only expect premium-quality American standard foam. The Big Barker Junior consists of a two-inch support foam topped with another two-inch H10 comfort foam. Comfy yet sturdy, you can rest assured your beloved pooch would never sink to the cold hard floor. In fact, the manufacturer promises it will retain at least 90% of its original shape for 10 years straight. This bed won’t get squashed like a soggy pancake even after years of service, no matter how heavy or bulky your dog is. As a result, you’ll be saving money in the long run.

What is more, this doggy bed is engineered with pressure-mapping technology, thus, providing unrivaled multi-level support for Doggo’s bones, joints, and muscles. You must choose a bed with orthopedic support,, especially if you have a senior or a convalescing dog. Such bed molds accordingly to your dog’s body contour; thus, providing even weight distribution all the while relieving the stress on swelling joints caused by arthritic conditions. Regardless, any tail-wagger, be it a dashing puppy, a grizzly oldie, or a lazy fatty, can benefit from such a feature. This can help save you from eye-watering vet bills and serve as a good preventative from arthritic conditions in the future.

Among its best features also includes its 2.5” built-in headrest that will help support Doggo’s neck while he rests his head. We all know that dogs also enjoy the comfort of a pillow, especially during dream time!  The exterior covers of this doggy bed are specially made with 100% furniture-grade microfiber that feels irresistibly velvety smooth! Plus, it provides incredible moisture resistance, which means the bed is safeguarded from wet fur. It is also important to note that waterproof liners are available for this product just in case you need some extra protection since dogs, particularly the senior ones, will have accidents sooner or later. Replacement covers are also available for this bed.

Furthermore, this doggy bed is guaranteed CertiPUR-US. It is quite unfortunate that many fur parents have often overlooked the importance of the unseen substances that make up dog beds. Your fur-kid will be spending 12-16 hours snoozing on his bed, and hence, it is critical that he won’t be inhaling harmful chemicals. Otherwise, it could negatively impact his health as well as the air quality of your home. With the Big Barker Junior, you can be confident that Doggo’s bed is free of ozone depleters, flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. You can trust that it is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. As for maintenance, this doggy bed requires minimal upkeep. Just wipe off hair and dander that may fall on the bed using a cloth. Likewise, simply unzip its cover and toss it into the washing machine using cold water, just like any bedding.


  • Pressure-mapping technology provides exemplary orthopedic support
  • Features 2 layers of 2-inch foams: H10 foam for superior comfort and support foam for optimum weight support
  • 2.5” built-in headrest for added comfort
  • 100% free of toxic fillers, synthetic chemicals, and recycled foam
  • Hypo-allergenic (well-suited even for the most sensitive dogs)
  • Exhibits a wide range of bacterial and fungal resistance
  • Impeccable surged stitching
  • Uses long industrial-quality zippers
  • Tear-resistant (perfect for non-stop chewers)
  • Hair and dander can be wiped off easily using cloth
  • Base and covers will never shrink even after 100 washes or more
  • Exterior cover is made of 100% microfiber (provides a homey velvety feel)
  • Easy to clean and machine-washable
  • Available in burgundy, chocolate, and khaki
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Expensive

2. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Premium Quality

Do you want a bed that your dog can truly feel it’s their own? Get the Friends Forever Orthopedic bed. It enjoys premium quality, meaning it is built to last through some heavy beating. It has its fair share of poly-fill bolster to provide luxurious comfort throughout the night. Dogs with arthritis or injuries will find it extra supportive since it is extra fluffy.

The making of this bed is absolutely fascinating. It has been engineered to bring security and a sense of love to your dog. The bolster look comes with hugging sides to support him from the head, hips, and legs. It is ideal to use where you have ample space in your house as it looks amazing amongst your home interior décor.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Premium Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

You’ll love that it retains its form as it does not press down when he sleeps on it over the years. More so, the foam is human-grade and has gone through extensive tests to ensure it remains chew-proof. If your pooch tends to put everything in its mouth, then they are in for a surprise.

This bed is perfect for medium-sized dogs that love the feeling of being nested in a close-packed bed. The cover is hand-crafted from the micro-fleece fiber. It gives your pet an affectionate feeling since it is incredibly soft. It is also protected with a waterproof cover that resists sticking of fur and has a zipper so you can remove it to machine wash it or just spot clean it.

With a one-year warranty, you can be sure you are getting the best quality. You’ll like that it is easy to clean, tear-proof, and can withstand usage with dogs up to 100lbs. The poly-fiber is essential in making sure it doesn’t sink since it is dense. For the qualities it brings forth, you may think it is pricey. But here, you get a dog bed that is affordable to offer your pet a healthy life and a good night’s sleep.


  • Fortified to stay clear of sagging and sinking
  • High end foam to retain it’s shape overtime
  • Cover repels fur for easy cleaning
  • Water and chew-proof liner


  • Comes in Pewter and Cocoa Colors

3. BRINDLE Dog Bed Soft Memory Foam

Bringing home something cute for your pet does not only make you happy, but it’s also a pleasant time for your dog. The BRINDLE Dog Bed brings much joy to know that your pet will be sleeping as deeply as you do. It has a construction from the classic soft memory foam that we all love. It lets him sink and feel the warmth build up, sending him to sleep without warning.

It is the best for dogs with arthritic discomfort owing to the 3-layer cushioning design. It is filled with orthopedic memory foam, which conforms to his body, hence reducing pressure on painful joints. Better still, since it is glued together in layers, airflow improves as well as breathability. You’ll like it better for him in summer’s heat as it allows him to sleep without experiencing any heat buildup, leading to him being all sweaty and uncomfortable.

BRINDLE Dog Bed Soft Memory Foam Review

This small-sized bed is compact and portable such that it fits nicely in dogs’ crates. You’ll love traveling with him since it gives the comfort of not lying on a hard surface. The bed retains its density such that it remains cushy. Your pooch doesn’t even touch the floor as it stays in its initial position for the longest time.

Although it resists stains, you’ll be able to remove the cover for machine washing. This way, it stays clear of any pungent odors which form over time. The microsuede cover is soft and flexible to increase warmth during the chilly months. No matter where you place it, this bed is a winner. It does not shift or clamp up where the dog does not lie.

All in all, this bed is affordable for all the small breeds like Chihuahuas. It is in charming colors to match your dog’s toys and his personality. The durability is on point, and the bed provides cushioning for weak bones. Take it with you on long trips for even happier times for your pet.


  • Memory foam construction is dense to increase durability
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to clean with removable cover
  • Offers optimum breathability


  • It is not chew-proof

4.PetFusion Ultimate Lounge & Pet Bed

There’s always a need to check in some boxes when considering a dog bed. You’ll want something that can fit along with the space you have at home. The PetFusion Pet bed boasts some smart construction with premium materials and excellent quality. The manufacturer realizes that we need to care for future generations as they use eco-friendly poly fiber to make the bed.

It is deemed to last in good condition, seeing that it does not sink over time. The 4-inch memory foam base is the best for arthritic dogs to give them the relief they need from tense, painful joints. It helps them recover their energy even with the long hours they could be spending in bed. The base and bolsters come in handy to offer extra support to their bones.

PetFusion Ultimate Lounge & Pet Bed Review

Small dogs can be playful, causing spills. Some are even fond of dragging everything on their way to their bed. This may include fluid-filled containers, which can be destructive to a good dog bed. Fortunately, this bed comes with an easy-to-remove cover that is machine washable. It also cleans easily when removing fur through spot cleaning.

It’s incredible how the color seems to blend in with any house. You’ll be able to bring in your house whether you like a bright room or one that is reserved. It is easy to assemble since it is efficiently packaged with the bolsters in a fabric cover. You’ll just need to insert the memory foam base, close the zipper, and your dog is ready to snug in.

Versatility comes with this bed. It has an outer bolster where your dog can use a headrest for that extra comfort. He can also nestle under it when he needs to feel warmer. It rarely sags after heavy usage with dogs that weigh around 80 pounds. There’s everything to admire from this bed. Just gift it your four-legged one.


  • It achieves premium quality
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Assembles quickly
  • Cover is machine-washable


  • Not ideal for big dogs

5. Good Life Solutions Luxury Pet Bed

Soothe your dog with the Good Life Solution bed. It is just perfect for burrowing. It is an ideal size for small pooches to give them ample security. Since it has cute close corners, it helps them snug in close to themselves. You know that small dogs tend to feel cold and this cute little dog bed has a cozy wool feeling to cuddle up against your dog.

For those that are looking for convenience in an inexpensive bed, Good Life Solutions is a perfect combination of proper cushioning, easy maintenance and support. It comes with a waterproof lining to keep it clean in the process of training your dog. Plus it has a non-skid bottom, so it will not slide from the position when he turns playful in bed.

Good Life Solutions Luxury Pet Bed Review

If you are a bit keen on matching up your décor with the dog bed, its warm colors are perfect for fitting just about anywhere. You’ll be able to add a splash of color where the room is in earth décor or blend it with bright patterns. This is the ultimate bed that brings happiness both to you the pet owner and your pooch.

Since it’s not a large size, you can place it where your dog tends to sleep. If it’s on your furniture, it will just fit nicely. And as it does not skid, you can expect it to stay put all through the night. This way, you have a solid chance of saving your furniture from dirt and hair.

This bed is also an excellent choice for old dogs with weary bones. It enjoys a therapeutic cushion to cradle those delicate bones. It helps in bringing recovery to their bones so they can regain the strength to play for the next day. Along with the raised sides, it contains them to bring all-around comfort.


  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Gives plenty of cushioning and support
  • Great color for any décor
  • Cushion is machine washable


  • It’s too tight to fit two small dogs

6. Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Ortho Comfort Cuddler

Is your pooch hitting his senior years? If so, then you should be looking at the Best Friends by Sheri Deep Ortho Comfort Cuddler. As the name implies, this is a bed that will cuddle and comfort your dog into sleep. If he wakes up all lazy, it must be that his current bed doesn’t offer that much cushioning. That’s why with the Best Friends Cuddler, you can expect to see his tail wagging in expectation for his daily walk every morning.

Apart from being comfy, it comes with high walls to ease the tension of painful joints. You’ll love that it is a remedy for pain relief and reduction of pressure on joints. No need to go looking for a hard all-bolster bed when you can have a combination of all the comfort in this uniquely designed bed.

Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Ortho Comfort Cuddler Review

It’s pleasing that it offers enough room for your pet to burrow, thanks to the high bolsters. If the air is all crisp and chilly, your dog will feel insulated as the walls help preserve their body heat. Not to mention, it is built where one lower side is around 9 inches from the floor to give the dog a comfortable headrest.

And speaking of the construction, every inch of this bed is in Sherpa fabric which is extra soft to induce deep, undisturbed sleep. With older dogs seeking to feel warmer, there is always a need to let them feel secure at all times. The bottom is protected from moisture and dirt with a nylon fabric.

We also love that you can haul the entire bed in the machine to clean it. It’s not like some other designs where you only have the choice to wash the cover. This way, this bed remains super clean without any odors and free from fur. It resists sinking on one side since the filling is stitched together to rid of any uneven places. It is just perfect for holding the weight of dogs up to 25 pounds.


  • High walls provide warmth and joint support
  • Available in many different colors
  • Has a burrow design for small cats
  • It is machine washable


  • The cover is not removable


Pampered dogs are the happiest. Knowing how to treat yours with the right bed is essential for him to feel loved and independent at the same time. It’s important that you identify your pooch’s needs before going through the numerous choices. Watch how he sleeps to know the kind of bed he prefers. You’ll notice that some of them like to cuddle up while others love it when stretched out.

Here, we have rounded up the most amazing dog beds for small dogs you can ever find on the market. They are all from credible manufacturers who know the needs of different dogs. If you are looking to get a budget-friendly bed with top-of-the-charts qualities, then you’ll want to look at these designs.

Give your dog that beautiful spot they can go to for comfort and security after a long day of fetching and training.  

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