Best Dog Leashes for Pitbulls

Top 5 Dog Leashes for Pitbulls

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YOGADOG – Heavy Duty Dog Harness

Black Rhino Comfort Collar Black Rhino Comfort Collar
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Pyrus K-8 No Pull Heavy Duty Harness Pyrus K-8 No Pull Heavy Duty Harness
Didog Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Leash Didog Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Leash

Let’s face it, pets love going out for a walk, and your Pitbull is no different. Even then, pets can cause mischief if they are not kept under control. A Pitbull that is well behaved is definitely an ambassador for the rest of her breed. So as a pet owner, you have to choose that one dog accessory that will help you keep her under control at all times so that both of you can enjoy all those nice walks. The market is full of such accessories, so you are definitely spoilt for choice. Unfortunately, not all the products on the market are up to the task; some are completely cruel and can cause harm to your lovely dog.

Best Dog Leash for Pitbulls

The leash is one of the few dog accessories that you need to help you keep her under control. Actually, in most states, the law requires you to leash your dog when she is enjoying the outdoors. To find the best leash for your Pitbull, you need to think about her comfort and the type of leash in the market that will work best for her. So read on to find out the benefits of leashing your Pitbull, some of the things to look for when choosing a dog leash for your Pitbull, and those we feel are best suited for her.

Benefits of Leashing your Pitbull

An unleashed Pitbull is a loose cannon, literally. Does your Pitbull bolt off at the mere mention of the word leash? Well. Not all Pitbulls fancy walking around tethered to a leash. Dogs generally love freedom. However, there are a lot of benefits to leashing your Pitbull, even when it seems unnecessary.

Its good neighborliness 

Dogs are not everybody’s favorite pet. Your neighbor might be a turkey person for all you know or he might be from a culture that has a different view of dogs from yours. So, even the friendliest Pitbull running over to him and wagging her tail might be a very distressing encounter. Such a person might act out, causing injury to your dog. Also, some landlords do not like dogs around their property. Pitbull collars and leashes showe the world that you are in control and that you also respect those who would rather give dogs a wide berth.

Loose dogs can injure other people

Sometimes dogs can bite, intentionally or otherwise, knock someone over or even cause injury. In most cases, that triggers law suits under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act which says that your dog is a danger to others if she bites or acts in a way that can be considered dangerous to the safety of others. Unfortunately, the consequences are usually extreme, and sometimes the law may decide that your Pitbull should be euthanized. If you keep your Pitbull leashed, she will remain under control and it is also an indication that you are taking precautions.

She won’t get lost

 A leash ensures that your Pitbull is always right there next to you. This is the easiest way to make sure she is safe and nothing bad happens to her.

What to look for in dog leashes for Pitbulls

Picking the right leash for your dog can be a great challenge. However, before you venture out into the market to find one for your Pitbull, here are a few things to think about:                                                     


A good leash should look and also feel comfortable on your pet.

Utility and safety

Check whether it’s possible to adjust the fit. Some leashes are designed to allow you to adjust the fit depending on the size of your pet. Also, because Pitbulls are mostly muscular, ensure you find one that will survive extensive use.


As a pet owner, buying the best dog harness requires you to make an investment. While you want something that is within your reach financially speaking, you should not settle on a cheap bargain. Look around, visit different pet stores and find an option that gives you value for money.


Your Pitbull does not really worry about her looks, but it’s alright to go for something that suits your taste.

That said, we have put together a list of the best dog leashes for Pitbulls that we would recommend for your pet.

5 Top Dog Leashes for Pitbulls

1. YOGADOG – Heavy Duty Dog Harness – Best Harness For Pitbulls

YOGADOG comes in different sizes, so ensure you measure your Pitbull’s chest size before you buy one. If you are having a hard time educating your pet or her neck is sensitive, then this is the right leash. What makes YOGADOG special? Well, it features an elastic material with a well-designed and padded handle. The whole leash is made of nylon to avoid getting damaged when your dog exposes it to water or rain. If you like a well-styled leash that looks fashionable, YOGADOG boasts reflective stitching for improved visibility. The padding is very soft and feels comfortable to the touch. As a pet owner, this leash makes things easy for you because you can easily put it onto your pet and control her movements. Plus, it is suited for hard pullers like Pitbulls!

YOGADOG - Heavy Duty Dog Harness


  • The leash looks very professional
  • Keeps you and your pet close
  • Your dog cannot take it off that easily
  • There is no need to keep untangling it because it does not get messed up
  • It is well padded
  • Easy for you to put it on and take off


  • Best suited for dogs with a broad chest

2. Black Rhino Comfort Collar

You have decided to train your own dog, and you feel a comfortable collar would help you keep a muscular Pitbull under control. A natural choice would be this Comfort Collar by Black Rhino, a stylish yet sturdy leash. Also known as the comfort leash, this Black Rhino Comfort Collar offers you toughness without compromising on quality and style. Its material was chosen so that your dog’s collar can withstand harsh weather without failing and still feel comfortable. The manufacturer used modern materials to make Comfort Collar lightweight but tough enough to handle a tough Pitbull. Also, Comfort Collar boasts itself heavy-duty hardware, so naturally, this is the best collar for pet parents with Pitbulls.

Black Rhino Comfort Collar


  • Soft padded neoprene lining
  • It is lightweight but very strong
  • Beautiful reflective stitching that stands out from a distance
  • Comfortable, durable, and tough
  • Not easy for your dog to take off


  • Suitable for muscular and bigger dogs

3. Leash Boss Longline Trainer

Pet parenthood comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have no choice but to take your responsibilities very seriously that is why you wouldn’t want flexi-leads for your Pitbull. So what else would work for your pet? A longline. Leash Boss Longline Trainer are ultra-long lines that are designed to keep your dog close but still afford her some freedom. You remain in control of your pet at all times. With Leash Boss Longline Trainer, you are always confident enough to do a recall, and if it does not work, you have nothing to worry about. You and your pet are still connected because she is still held in place at the end of the line. 

Leash Boss Longline Trainer

This leash is made from strong and sturdy nylon produced in the USA. There is a range of lengths to choose from, and they can be as long as 50 feet! That is plenty of room for her to play fetch.


  • Does not get tangled
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Loop and hook coiling system
  •  High-quality nylon


  • Not suitable for training large breeds of dog

4. Pyrus K-8 No Pull Heavy Duty Harness

If your Pitbull is well behaved but feels that pulling is still a big problem, try Pyrus K-8 No Pull Heavy Duty Harness. It houses all the nice features you would want in a Pitbull leash: durable, strong, and a nicely padded chest plate. So how does it work? Well, it pulls on your Pitbull’s brisket as she pulls forward, so she uses her own strength against herself. This harness can withstand the efforts of other large breeds, so it will hold just fine against all the tugging that Pitbulls are known for. Unlike most harnesses on the market, you do not need a master’s degree to put this onto your Pitbull. Also, the overall design of the harness gives it a posh touch, and you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get one for your pet.


  • Really simple to fit
  • Wriggle resistant
  • Fit instructions are really simple to follow
  • You can style it to your taste


  • Breastplate seems too large for narrow chested dogs

5. Didog Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Leash

Are you looking for a conventional leash for your Pitbull without necessarily having to reinvent the wheel? Didog has just the thing for you! Although it’s a conventional leash, you have a whole one meter’s worth of length, and it also comes with other great features. To start with, you get a leather handle full of comfort to the touch so that you won’t get friction burns from all the tugging. Plus, you also get a whole length of heavy-duty chain, which is absolutely cool! So not only does it keep her in check, your dog can’t chew through it. Not even a Pitbull’s teeth can chew through this leash. Then there is the stainless steel spring buffer. If your dog lunges each time she sees a squirrel, then this leash will ensure that your hands won’t get wrenched off.

Didog Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Leash


  • Easily serviceable
  •  Strong, durable, and comfortable


  • One meter is not long enough if you wish to let your Pitbull range out much further.


Those who own Pitbulls agree on one thing. They require the best leash available. Be it for training or just a simple walk, nothing keeps the two of you close like a leash. Plus, a leash helps your Pitbull stay out of trouble. There are many different types to choose from, but the five in this article rank highest. If you are out looking for a leash for your pitbull, try YOGADOG, it has all the right qualities to handle a pet that loves to tug.

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