Best Harness for Golden Retrievers

Best Golden Retrievers Harnesses


  The Original SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Training Harness

The Original SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Training Harness
Chai's Choice Service Dog Vest Harness for Golden Retrievers

Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest Harness

Gooby Trekking Memory Foam Harness for Golden RetrieversGooby Trekking Memory Foam Harness
EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness for Golden RetrieversEzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness
Embark Active Dog HarnessEmbark Active Dog Harness

Golden retrievers are large, intelligent, and with beautiful golden coats. They are also known to be friendly, which is why many people love them. Since they are smart, it is quite easy to train them, although some are quite stubborn. Nevertheless, golden retrievers are generally well-mannered, and they make excellent family companions. Also, they make good hunters since they were bred to retrieve the game.  However, because of their large size, it is best to consider a harness instead of a leash as golden retrievers are quite friendly and if the owner is a small person, controlling a Golden Retriever will be a huge challenge. There are many different harnesses to choose from, and finding one that fits your taste, and your pet can be tough. We have made things easy for you with the following list of things to look for and the top-rated Best Dog Harness for Golden Retrievers. Read on to find out more.

Best Dog Harnesses for Golden Retrievers

Benefits of Using a Good Dog Harness For Your Golden Retriever

Little pressure on the neck 

The best dog harness is designed to hug your pet’s chest, which means she will not experience pulling around the neck. Pressure and trauma to the neck is a common scenario if you have a collar around your pet’s neck and she has a habit of pulling hard. A harness lifts her up a little when she pulls, which causes her to lose grip on the ground. This is helpful because it discourages further pulling and helps to keep her throat and neck safe.

Better control of your Dog

This is one thing you will enjoy much more than your pet. Golden retrievers can easily tug at a collar, which will create some resistance. They can even get out of the collar and roam freely in some cases. Others free themselves out of a collar and run off to their favorite places or neighbors. The best thing about a harness is that both of you face the same direction, and there are many points of contact. Large breeds like the Golden retriever become relatively easy to control with a harness.

What to Look For in a Top Dog Harness

Harness Size

Harnesses come in different sizes, so finding one that fits your pet is important. Depending on her age, if you own a puppy retriever, she will fit in a small or medium-sized harness. The best thing about most puppy harnesses is that you can easily make adjustments to accommodate her size as she grows. However, you will end up buying a new one because some Golden Retrievers grow to be so big.  If you own an adult Retriever, your best bet is a large-sized harness. However, it is best that you take stock of her size so that you know what will or will not fit.

Harness Quality and Durability  

If you are looking for a harness that will not wear out within a very short time, find one made out of durable material. Taking your pet for a walk does not always mean she will not want to dash into the bush to find squirrels. Keeping her in line means pulling at the harness to keep her from getting distracted. The pulling and tagging can take their toll on the harness, causing it to wear out fast. Since you will be using the harness on a daily basis, be sure to find one that will not wear and tear that easily.

Harness Adjustability and Support

Young pets still have a couple of years ahead before they mature fully. It would not make sense to keep buying harnesses each time she outgrows the current one. The best thing to do is buy a harness that can be adjusted to fit her size. Also, an adjustable harness will ensure your pet is comfortable, and there is no strain around the neck or the back.

Top 5 Best Dog Harness for Golden Retrievers

1. The Original SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Training Harness – Editor’s Choice for Top Harness

Designed with Softouch webbing for added comfort, this harness is best suited for gentle walks or positive reinforcement training. SENSE-ation features nickel-coated steel O-rings for durability. This harness is what you would call a traditional clip harness because it provides a high level of comfort while reducing the stress around your pet’s neck. Let’s face it, not every pet owner is muscular, so handling a large Golden Retriever can be a challenging affair. Fortunately, SENSE-ation is designed to handle your pet easily, especially if you own a large Golden Retriever that requires a lot of effort to restrain.

The Original SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Training Harness


  • Suitable for hard pullers
  • Comes in different colors
  • Easy to put on


  • Sometimes gets stuck between a pet’s legs
  • Frequent Gapping

2. Chai’s Choice Service Dog Vest Harness

Chai’s choice is ergonomic, pocket-friendly, and beautifully designed among the few Y-yoke harnesses. It features reflective material for easy safety and easy visibility when you and your pet are out for a walk at night. It comes in more than 7 colors and 6 different sizes so that it is easy for you to custom fit a harness to suit your taste. If you are looking for a harness that fits an energetic and hard-pulling pet, then Chai’s choice is your product. It is highly durable as it is made out of oxford fabric.  This harness is tough and can easily withstand hard pullers.

Chai's Choice Service Dog Vest Harness for Golden Retrievers


  • Scratch resistant and durable
  • Padded for added comfort


  • Slightly pricey

3. Gooby Trekking Memory Foam Harness

Gooby Trekking Memory Foam is both comfortable and durable. It features memory foam styled into a cross front to provide your pet with as much support as possible. Plus, it is washable and resistant to both dirt and water. It is a harness in its own class! Because of its cross-front design, doesn’t have to worry about stress on your pet’s neck. Gooby Trekking Memory Foam comes in a few colors and styling options. It is suitable for Golden Retrievers as it is sporty and durable.

Gooby Trekking Memory Foam Harness for Golden Retrievers


  • Dirt and water resistant
  • Adjustable and easy to put on
  • Made of reflective material


  • Leash is not part of the harness
  • Few colors to choose from

4. EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

Quick-fix is an easy, fast, and adjustable harness suitable for Golden Retrievers. It features a rugged and welded stainless steel D-ring for ultimate strength, security, and durability. The styling includes highly reflective stitching so that both of you are visible at night. The chest strap is waterproof as it is made out of neoprene. The strap is also adjustable to allow for a comfortable fit. The harness is a one-click fit; you can find the right fit without struggling too much. Fitting it on your pet is as easy as fitting a collar, but with all the benefits of a strong and durable harness. If you are looking for a quick-fit harness, safety for a sporty Golden retriever, or both, this harness is the right solution.

EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness for Golden Retrievers


  • One-click fit
  • Reflective material for visibility


  • Adjusts to 11.5 inches maximum

5. Embark Active Dog Harness

Embark Active Dog Harness is durable, lightweight, and manufactured from special nylon that does not rip or chafe easily. One of its best features is that you can easily adjust the chest and the stomach area for a secure and comfortable fit. Putting it on is a mere second, so going out for a walk with your pet will not be such a hassle. There are two attachment points at the front and back. The front is meant for training purposes only and not pulling. This harness was designed to ensure the pulling force is well distributed throughout your dog’s chest. The stitching is reflective for easy visibility during the night, and there is a handle to help you lift your pet if she is a senior, disabled, or just elderly. It can also be used to assist him in moving around if she is recovering from an injury.

Embark Active Dog Harness


  • High quality and durable
  • Fabric is non-rip
  • Padding is anti-chafe
  • High-grade stitching for extra strength
  • Adjustable for a good fit


  • Front D-ring has been known to fail on the first day of use.

Final Thoughts

Although our list features the sturdiest harnesses for your Golden Retriever, getting a strong and fitting harness is important in order to provide her with the highest level of comfort. Every pet owner knows safety comes first, so a good harness does not cause stress to her neck region. Those we listed here do not cause your pet any kind of discomfort, and your dog will always be at her cheerful best when you go out for a walk. Embark Active Dog Harness is our best pick because it is better placed to serve you well. It is strong, adjustable, and distributes force throughout her chest. Also, the material does not tear easily even if your golden yanks at it.

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