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 All Absorb Training Pads

All-Absorb Training Pads
Amazon Basics Pet Training PadsAmazonBasics Pet Training Pads
Wee Wee PadsFour Paws Wee Wee Pads
Top Dog Deluxe Training PadsTop Dog Deluxe Training Pads

A new puppy stirs excitement and brings joy to the entire family. As owners, it is your responsibility to train your new furry family member. Now, potty training is not really our favorite. Housebreaking a puppy is a long and tiring process; it requires persistence, patience, and proper encouragement. Fortunately, we don’t have to lay down sheets of old newspapers on our floors anymore so our puppies can relieve themselves as our grandparents did. Puppy training pads are easily accessible nowadays, and they come in emerging varieties to suit the needs of a puppy as well as the preferences of its owner. Unlike the old-fashioned way of potty training, puppy pads don’t leave a puddle of urine on the floor and serve multiple functions. Although puppy training pads don’t go with your beautiful mandala rug, it surely prevents your pooch from soiling it. With the help of a training pad, your puppy will be housebroken in no time!

Benefits of Using Puppy Training Pads

Puppy Training Pads Protect Your Floor

Puppy training pads serve multiple functions, and among those is protecting your floor from moisture. Moist protection is vital, especially for wooden floors; otherwise, mold will start to appear. Wooden floors also absorb odors fast.

Puppy Training Pads Tell Your Pup Where to Pee

Many wee-wee pads include pheromones that signal puppies to pee on them instead of the edges of the pad. Such a feature is beneficial for puppies that still lack precision and needs assistance. Other training pads also include odor neutralizers to contain unpleasant smells.

Puppy Training Pads are Ideal for Busy Fur Parents

There are other ways of being a responsible fur parent apart from tending to your pooch all day long. Wee-wee pads are heaven’s gifts for dog owners who are busy working long hours. Your pooch won’t have to hold it long enough with a puppy pad until you come home. In addition, puppy pads are ideal if you live in an apartment building without access to parks or any grassy landscape in its vicinity. You don’t have to descend several flights of stairs each time your puppy needs to take a leak. If you do have a backyard, then the wee-wee pad can serve as a great tool for introducing your puppy to the outdoor environment. The pad can be weaned away gradually until he gets familiarized with the grass.

Puppy Training Pads Benefit Aging Dogs

Elderly dogs often suffer from arthritis and have increasing difficulty in moving; hence, a puppy pad can be helpful. Even cats suffering from incontinence can benefit from a puppy pad.

IRIS Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad Holder

The IRIS Dog & Puppy Training pad holder ranks first on this list even though it’s not even a pad but a tray; regardless, it’s a potty training essential! The IRIS Dog & Puppy training pad holder is an additional tool to make sure your puppy gets the job done. Why? Simply because there is always a fur baby who just can’t seem to pee in the middle of a training pad and pees on the sides instead. Sounds familiar? Even the largest and most absorbent training pad becomes useless if your puppy keeps missing the spot! This is where the IRIS Dog & Puppy training pad holder makes a positive difference.

Iris Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad Holder

The IRIS Dog & Puppy training pad holder locks the puppy pad in place to make sure it won’t drift away. The tray has two clips on each side that you can easily unsnap whenever the puppy pad needs replacement. It is clearly a great investment and a sure way to prevent urine seeping through and accumulating on your precious floor. In addition, this training pad holder has non-skid rubber feet that won’t scratch your floor and keeps the tray in place. Moving on, the IRIS Dog & Puppy training pad holder is made of durable plastic so you won’t have to worry about rust getting in the way. Washing and disinfecting the product is also easy as can be due to its glossy finish.

The IRIS Dog & Puppy training pad holder is indeed a great concept and has reaped thousands of positive reviews on Amazon alone. It helps prevent hyperactive puppies from dragging and tearing their training pads to sheds. You can use any puppy pad for this training pad holder as long as it fits the product’s dimensions (25.5″x 18.9″ x 1.75″), but you can choose among the best ones that are mentioned below.


  • Protects the floor from leakage
  • Features double locks to keep the puppy pad in place
  • Has anti-skid rubber feet; won’t scratch floors
  • Perfect for puppies, small elderly dogs, and kittens


  • Too small; wee-wee pads have to be the same size
  • Chewers may chew on the plastic

1. All-Absorb Training Pads 22-inch By 23-inch

Puppies have tiny bladders so expect them to pee frequently. Although using a thick run-down rug as an alternative wee-wee pad may seem economical, puppies dislike peeing on a stinky damp rug. Many dog owners complain about how their puppies refuse to pee on the same training pad twice. How much more for a non-absorbent rug? Good thing you can get your hands on All-Absorb Super Absorbent training pads. These pads feature an enhanced odor control technology that will neutralize foul odors. Likewise, it includes pheromones that beckon your pet to the proper potty spot, so your puppy will never have a miss during the entire course of potty training.  

All Absorb Training Pads Review

As its name suggests, this product is super absorbent and is smooth to the touch. Its best feature lies in its five-layer protection. The first layer of each pad consists of a non-woven cloth in which urine seeps through onto the second layer that is comprised of paper tissues, a special dog attractant, and odor neutralizer. The third layer, which is its super-absorbent core, is a combination of fluff pulp and polymer. Once the urine reaches this layer, it instantly turns into a form of an odorless gel. Moving on, the fourth layer consists of another set of paper tissues followed by a waterproof PE film that protects your floor from leakage. Each All-Absorb Super Absorbent training pad can hold up to five cups of fluid (which remains a good point among customers); now, that’s truly convenient and economical. This five-layer system is a sure-fire way to prevent spillovers, contain foul odors, and make potty training quick and a lot easier for you and your dog.

Each training pad measures 23″ x 22″ and is available in 100-count or 200-count boxes. The All-Absorb Super Absorbent training pads are also suitable for cats and small elderly dogs.


  • Super absorbent
  • Urine turns into odorless gel instantly
  • Smooth and quick-drying surface prevents wet tracks
  • Prevents spills and splatters, keeping floors clean
  • Features enhanced odor control technology
  • Suitable for cats and small aging dogs
  • Affordable


  • Pads smell after a pup pees on it three or more times
  • Not enough absorbance for an entire day
  • Needs an extra layer for puppies that are 4-months old onwards

2. AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

Don’t choose the cheapest puppy pads you can find in the pet store just because you are going to dispose of one or two daily. A puppy-training pad is not a waste of money; on the contrary, it actually helps you save. How? Think how much it costs you to hire professionals to clean and re-stain your wood floors, the total amount of cleaning supplies you need during potty training, and the damages to your carpet brought by urine and moisture.

Good thing there are Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads! These puppy pads definitely get the job done at a lesser cost. They don’t come in fancy packaging, of course, but packaging shouldn’t be a problem for fur parents (if you use it for yourself and not a gift for a co-fur parent) as long as they are efficient. Just be sure they arrive in good condition.

Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads Review

The Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads highlight its five-layer protection: the anti-streaming quilted pad that won’t tear up even when it’s wet; the super-absorbent sheet; the polymer core, which is infused with a dog attractant; the locking layer that turns urine to gel; and the polyethylene plastic bottom to prevent urine from leaking through. The dog attractant helps teach your puppy where to aim as to keep their urine within the boundaries of the pad. Likewise, the Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads have a fast-absorbent top layer to prevent urine from catching on your puppy’s fur as well as prevent wet tracks scattering around your home.

Puppies have no trouble fitting on these pads, but you may want to buy a different pad if you have a large breed puppy. The Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads measure 22″ x 22″ each and is available in a 100-count box. This product has garnered 4.2 stars from a total of 4, 000+ reviews on Amazon.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Exhibits 5-layer protection
  • The top layer is fast-absorbing
  • Turns urine to gel similar to a baby’s diaper
  • Includes odor neutralizer and attractant
  • Can be used for small senior dogs


  • Not intended for medium to large breed puppies
  • Needs replacement after two or three urine sessions
  • The built-in attractant won’t work for other pups

3. Four Paws Wee-Wee Pet Training and Puppy Pads

Maintaining a clean home with an untrained puppy is as challenging as searching for a training pad that lives up to its claims, but Four Paws Wee-Wee training pads make sure they exceed your expectations! Four Paws Wee-Wee dog-training pads exhibit an impressive five-ply Floor Armor protection system. Using five different levels of select materials plus a wide border around its edges, the manufacturer guarantees that the product is 100% leak-proof; otherwise, you get your money back.

The science behind Four Paws Wee-Wee’s incredible absorption power also lies in its two wet-lock layers, while most brands only have one. Its leak-proof exterior won’t drip or crinkle, which makes disposal even less demanding. Moreover, its smooth quilted top mesh locks in wetness; it prevents urine from getting onto your puppy’s fur and from creating wet tracks as he comes out of the pad. To make housebreaking easier, Four Paws Wee-Wee has an infused attractant scent to help draw your puppy to the training pad.

Wee Wee Pads Review

Thousands of happy fur parents have already testified that Four Paws Wee-Wee dog training pads have made their housebreaking much easier and their homes fresher and cleaner. The Four PawsWee-Wee dog training pad is also ideal for adult toy and small dogs who can’t relieve themselves outdoors due to the inclement weather, as well as for those suffering from arthritis. Four Paws Wee-Wee dog-training pads are a little more expensive than the rest, but it is definitely heavy-duty and true to its word. 


  • 100% leak proof
  • Quick-drying quilted top mesh
  • Unbeatable Floor Armor protection system
  • Won’t drip or crinkle
  • Includes pheromones that attract puppies
  • Ideal for dogs of all ages
  • Can be used as an alternative during bad weather


  • Some find a little overpriced
  • Many reported that quality has declined over time

4. Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Pads and Dog Training Pad 

Puppies have little control of their peeing, and that is true for both small and big puppies. Don’t be quick to assume that a Chow Chow can hold more pee than a Chihuahua. Large breed puppies are just as prone to leaking, and since they have bigger bladders than their smaller cousins, those accidents are often bigger too. Hence, the wee-wee pad should reflect your puppy’s size and needs. For instance, a training pad for a St. Bernard puppy should be broader, thicker, and more absorbent than one intended for a Spitz. So if you have a big fur baby, the best one you could get are the Top Dog Deluxe Puppy and Dog Training Pads.

Top Dog Deluxe Training Pads Review

If you are tired of cheap quality pads, then spend a few extra dollars for a heavy-duty product such as the Top Dog Deluxe Puppy and Dog training pads with black carbon technology. These pads are surely worth every penny! It absorbs twice as much and twice as fast compared to most popular brands. In fact, a single pad is sufficient for a day’s use unless your pup goes and takes a no 2. You won’t find it lying soggy on the floor even if you leave it overnight. When it’s time to replace the pad, simply fold the product and throw it away like a huge dry piece of paper towel. It is 100% leak-proof, and the urine becomes solidified once absorbed.

Now, we all know that training pads aren’t the most glamorous things your guest can find lying on your floor. But with its black carbon technology, one might even mistake it for a chic, black rug! You won’t see any stain or detect any unpleasant odor. Likewise, the pad is infused with pheromones that direct your dog where to pee and not the actual rug you have.


  • Features black carbon technology
  • Absorbs 2x faster than most brands
  • No visible stains
  • No smells
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Heavy-duty
  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Multifunctional; for all dogs


  • Expensive


Absorbency is what makes the puppy training pad surpass that of any thick rug or a pile of newspapers. It offers multiple layers of protection and even turns a puppy’s pee into an odorless gel for fast and more hygienic disposal. In addition, some training pads feature enhanced odor control technology as not to attract unwanted attention from guests. It also helps keep the house smelling fresh.

Potty training is a labor of love, yes; with patience and the right tool, your new furry family member will soon become housebroken in no time. A puppy training pad is not an excuse not to take your pooch out when he needs to take a leak, but it teaches your pooch the best areas to go potty and that the rug isn’t one of them. A few dollars is a small price to pay for the amount of time you can save, the convenience, as well as the appreciation you can get from using puppy training pads!

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