Get Rid of Fleas with Vinegar The Natural Flea Killer

Fleas can be found anywhere around your home especially in the soil and dirt. Catching fleas from your pet then becomes the easiest thing to happen. Since naturally, they are playful, your pet will lie on the ground, roll in the dust, or even play with the dirt and grime making it easier for the fleas to enter their fur and hide in it. If you read about dog flea and tick reviews online, you will understand that there is not a more uncomfortable and disturbing time for your pet than when he is infested with fleas.

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Signs of Flea Infestation in your Pet

Flea infestation can be grouped into three; mild infestation, moderate infestation, and severe infestation. You do not have to wait for your pet to be severely infested to act. Here is the easiest way to know if fleas are creeping in.

  • Look through the fur. While you play with your pet or bathe him, make it a habit of peeping through the hair and on his skin. It should be pink-ish white in color and it will be easy for you to see a flea or two roaming in there.
  • Uncomfortable scratching. If your pet constantly scratches on himself uncomfortably, it is time to do a random check for fleas on his skin.
  • Anxious and unsettled. A pet infested with fleas has trouble relaxing due to the bites. He will keep moving up and about and will barely sit for a few minutes before trying to pick something out of his skin.
  • Mild hair loss and general pet weakness. Flea bites can cause skin infections that result in patches of hair loss in pets. The diseases in turn make the pets weak and anemic.

Vinegar for Flea Control

Vinegar is known for its acidic taste. Using both the distilled white vinegar and the apple cider vinegar can inhibit the growth of fleas as well as kill the already existing ones. Here are all the ways of using vinegar to combat the pests.

  • Add a few drops to the bath water. Bathe your pet frequently in warm water and shampoo and rinse off the excess foam.  Dilute vinegar with water in equal parts and soak your pet in it to let it penetrate the fur and reach the skin avoiding the eyes.  Use a fur brush to brush the coat all the while looking out for any remaining fleas. If none, towel-dry your pet and finish the routine.
  • Spray vinegar on the fur. Make it a routine to spray your pet’s hair with a vinegar and water mixture before letting him out to play carefully not to spray the eyes. Fleas are so tiny that even a small amount of vinegar irritates them. Those already in will leave and those incoming will be scared off. Vinegar will repel all kinds of pests as well as keep your pet’s skin healthy and shiny.
  • Add a few drops to food and water. For the dogs, adding a few drops to their food and drinking water will make their acidity levels to rise a bit making the breeding of fleas impossible. This will not harm your pet in any way because of the acid is in small amounts just like you would consume it in your salads.
  • Crate and beddings. Your pet might drop some fleas in its blankets while sleeping. Using vinegar in a spray bottle, spritz around the kennel or crate and its beddings too. Include the surroundings as well to minimize their movements. Remember to air your pet’s beddings often to throw out any unwanted pests.

Sometimes the fleas become severe, and it gets hard to control them. As such, visit your vet for a more effective way and after you manage them, resort to the vinegar methods above to mitigate their spread and kill their presence. You can also look into medicated dog flea and tick treatments.

In a Nutshell

Vinegar is one of the most effective ways of controlling pests and specifically fleas in pets. Since the fleas can be anywhere in your home, extending the control measures to your entire homestead can make the process even more fruitful. Heavy infestation can also affect you as well. Vinegar is an all-natural option but with heavy infestation other treatments are available. Heavy infestation of fleas can spread over to your space and bite you while you sleep and even hide in your clothes and irritate your skin all the time. Frequent vet visits will manage your pet’s health as well as prevent the occurrence of pests.

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