Better Pets: Rescued Dogs Vs Breeded Dogs?

Whether you decide to get a rescued animal or an animal that comes from a breeder, you will end up with a wonderful new addition to your family. Dogs are the most loving and loyal companions you could ever imagine. Personality traits vary depending on the breed of dog and the individual behavior. You should always research the breed of dog you are looking into getting before you get your new dog. Also, you would want to spend some time with your new companion before you bring them into your home. You want to make sure that the situation will work for both you and your new family member. All new pets should be introduced to all members of the family, especially children and babies, cats, and other dogs.

Getting a dog from a breeder instead of a rescue and vice versa does not necessarily mean that you are getting a safer, gentler, or more loyal dog. In my experience, rescues are far more loyal and loving than any breeded dog that I have every come in contact with. A dog that is bred is less likely to have as many health problems as a rescue. Of course this can never be guaranteed, but if the dog is bred from to healthy dogs it is more likely to have a healthier future. Dogs that come from breeders also have less anxiety than rescues. Rescues typically have had a rough start to like and this causes a lot of anxiety, stress, and strain on the dog’s behavior. Most rescues were abused in some way so this does leave them with some trust issues along with problems being left alone. The trust issues are normally overcome as soon as the dog realizes that they have a good life with you and that they are not going to be abandoned. If the dog was abandoned by a previous owner for the first few months every time you leave them it will cause so sort of stress or anxiety on the dog. Eventually they will get used to the pattern that you leave and then you come back. This will set their mind at ease and help them to realize that they are not being abandoned again. It is important to understand that even dogs that come from breeders can have some sort of separation anxiety. Dogs that come from breeders sometimes require a higher level of attention. All puppies should be supervised however and your home should be puppy proofed no matter where the dog comes from with things such as puppy training pads, you can get a list of things you should get when adopting a dog.

All dogs need training despite their background. Some may need more training than others but that is by no way determined by whether the dog is a rescue or a breeded dog. Some rescues may require less training than breeders. Most rescues try at an extremely high level to please their owners and to show their owners how much that they love them. Also most rescues go through some sort of training before they are sent to their new homes permanently. Rescues normally also offer free training courses for dogs that are adopted.

No matter where you decided to get your new pet from take comfort in the fact that you are bringing a great new source of love and good energy into your home. Where ever you adopt from your new dog will love you and thank you for years to come.

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