How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Yard

Fleas usually find their way into your house through your pets. So, having cleaned your pet, his kennel, his beddings, and the entire home, how safe are you from the tiny bloodsuckers? Not entirely is the perfect answer. Look at it this way, you clean up the inside of your house today, and you let your dog play out tomorrow. The same place he got the fleas from is the same place he will relax at and come back home with more fleas; it is like taking a step ahead and two back, and it gets pretty exhausting. The solution- Dog flea treatments are not enough; clean the yard thoroughly.

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Rid the Yard of Fleas

As already mentioned, getting rid of fleas on your pet is not enough. Neither is getting rid of fleas from your entire house. Getting rid of fleas is useful when you treat the cause permanently. Doing so will prevent you from actually getting fleas from your dog. So how do you know the source of insects in your yard?

Simply put, locate all the mushy, shady, warm, and dirty areas in your yard; they are the culprits. The most common place would be under and around your dog’s kennel, under objects lying around your yard for a long time, as well as around your compost. It is time to declutter your yard and remove unnecessary debris to uncover the breeding ground for the fleas.

Methods of Killing Fleas in the Yard

By now, you most likely have cleared the pests from your pet and the entire house. Close all the windows and doors and safely lock your pet inside to prevent him from collecting more. Having located the spots for the lava and egg-laying fleas, it is time to clear them off for good. Put on protective clothing.

Use chemicals sprays

This is the most effective way of clearing fleas from your yard. Fleas insecticides usually kill all the adult fleas including all other pests like ticks and mosquitoes as well. However, these insecticides do not kill the eggs that have been laid as well as the fleas in larva form.

Insect Growth Regulators

After using the chemicals insecticides, it is time to finish off the fleas permanently. Finishing off the eggs and larva means there are no more fleas to be bred. IGRs are effective in controlling the growth and maturation of larvae hence breaking the entire lifecycle.

Use diatomaceous dust

On a particularly dry day, generously sprinkle the chemical dust on the location of the fleas; breeding spot. When in contact with adult fleas, it suffocates them to death. It also inhibits the maturation of the larva and eggs by choking the life out of them.

Introduce nematode predators

Fronted by all pest control agencies, these microscopic worms called nematodes are introduced to the fleas’ zone to infect the fleas with toxic bacteria that kills them within two days. While they can clear all the fleas, note that they are entirely harmless to you and the pets.

Flush the yard with water

Larvae and insects generally do not survive underwater. Flooding the breeding spot will flush them out and kill them in no time. It will also wash away all the laid eggs and larvae fleas hence cleaning the yard entirely.

Prevention of Fleas

Prevention is always easier than treatment. With that in mind, it is time to get rid of all places that can breed fleas in your yard. Clear away branches and trim down fences to let the sun shine through. Declutter your yard and keep it clear of all debris as well as maintain the area around the kennels clean and treated.

Use cedar chips and granules around the perimeters of your yard to prevent incoming fleas as they act as natural repellants to all pests. Next, lock up all openings to avoid other dogs from bringing in more fleas.

On top of that, keep your compost areas treated and covered to avoid inviting flea-carriers into your yard. Once in while water the yard to flush out the fleas and other pests.


Controlling fleas is easy if done frequently. Do not stop at the first attempt; keep coming back until the problem is under control. Remember, cleanliness is core and fleas affect both your pets and you, the more reason to clear them out soonest. If it feels like beyond your control, do not hesitate to contact pest control services near you for more professional approaches. Once they have managed it, schedule routine practices to keep the fleas out for good.

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