The 6 Best Places To Nap with your Dog

There is nothing better than a good nap. Naps have been shown to counter the effects of sleep deprivation, boost your overall energy, increase your daily productivity, and improve cognitive activity. But did you know that taking time to reset your sleep schedule and slow down is the perfect way to enjoy some time with your pet too?

Co-sleeping with your dog can ease anxiety and create a sense of comfort for you and your pup. In fact, research shows that almost half of all pet owners share their bed and sleep time with their pet. Here are some ideas of where you can catch some zzz’s with your favorite furry friend.

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1) On the Beach

As the summer approaches, napping on the beach with your dog can be a great way to beat the heat and sneak in a siesta. Chances are if you are headed to the beach you are probably already relaxing, so it is a great time to wind down and get some extra rest. Make sure you bring extra water for your furry friend and a big umbrella so you both can stay out of the sun.

2) In Your Bed

It goes without saying, but sleeping in your bed is the best. There is nothing like the comfort of home and napping here with your pup is always perfect. Research has shown that allowing your dog into your bedroom to sleep doesn’t actually make you sleep poorly, you might get some better rest. Your bed is the ideal reward after a long day and your dog will feel the same way.

Bed Dog

3) On Your Front Lawn

Throw down a picnic blanket, stretch out, and feel the freedom of a quick nap in your very own front lawn. This is a good option for anxious or hyper dogs that might not be able to relax away from your home. This can calm them and help you both get some more rest. The use of dog calming treats such as chews, pills, or supplements can also aid in getting your dog to relax and sleep. 

Front lawn Dog

4) In the Park

Weekends in the Spring are made for fun excursions to local parks. The flowers are blooming, the trees green and lush, and birds are singing. Pack up your pup and take them over to the park where you can slow down and relax after a game or two of frisbee.

Park Dog

5) On an Airplane

This one can be a little tricky, but even if you can’t bring your four-legged friend on board, never fear! Petsies are custom stuffed animals that look just like your dog so you can take them with you (and nap!) wherever you want. That way you can have a jet-setting pet and nap no matter where you go.

Airplain Dog

6) On Your Couch

Nothing beats spending the weekend unwinding on the couch with some good snacks, Netflix, and your dog. Couch naps can be wonderful because they are unexpected and help you catch up on your sleep. Your pooch with love cuddling with you and helping you relax.

Not only will napping with your puppy help you get better rest, it also will improve your bond with your dog. So cuddle up with your best friend and get the best sleep ever! Where do you nap with your dog? Leave us a comment below!

Author Bio: Liz Palisin is a freelance blogger for the custom stuffed animal website Petsies. She loves dogs, traveling, wine, and excellent food.

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