Do Yorkies Shed? Surprising Facts You Need to Know

Do Yorkies Shed

Many of us wonder – do Yorkies shed or not? You have also probably heard that they sometimes do and then you got worried because you saw your precious Yorkies shed. It is a common fuss around the world and here are the answers.

Your Yorkies Won’t Shed that Much, to Ease Your Worry

Yorkies Won’t Shed that Much

Some dogs are made of fur while others such as Yorkies are made of fine silky long hair. They don’t lose much and it grows just at one steady pace all year long. Imagine how your hair grows. It’s just the same with Yorkies.

The main difference to dogs that have fur is that they have one distinct period each year to shed. You will notice their hairs falling out everywhere and in huge volume. In contrast, Yorkies do not have that period in a year.

Only slowly and in small volume (you would not notice it sometimes), they push older hair to replace them with new ones. This is an all-year process that is good for them.

What are Yorkies?

What are Yorkies

Yorkies, short for the Yorkshire Terriers, are non-shedding dogs. They were made popular as rat-catchers in the 19th century. Sometime later, they were discovered to be nice companions of the high-class families as they can be well-kept which keeps them from not shedding too much hair.

Yorkies are super adaptable dogs that are also so portable. It’s just nice to bring them wherever you are mostly because of their fluffiness. They are easily affectionate, playful, and quite handy. They are very good playmates with kids and companions to other pets.

Until today it remains to be a high-maintenance dog if you want it to not shed. You can also opt to not maintain it highly but you’ll have to suffer the consequences. Also make sure to check out the best beds for your Yorkie.

Possible Reasons Why Yorkies Shed

Possible Reasons Why Yorkies Shed

Don’t easily get heartbroken if you see that your Yorkies are losing hair. Here are the possible reasons why such is happening.

  • It is a signal that they need to be groomed more

The fall happens usually after a bath. These are coats entangled with hair. Make sure to use a bubble tip brush to reach for the skin and pull out the dead ones. You don’t have to fear all the time because it is good for them to get away with these few deadly hairs.

  • It could be hormonal

There are changes in the thickness of their coats due to pregnancy. Also, it is important to know that an unusual thinning after pregnancy is a normal thing. Your female Yorkies undergo hormonal changes that affect their bodies as well.

But once after her heat cycles, your Yorkie will be back to its normal coat again. Just give it some time to normalize. Remember to be most gentle during their hormonal period.

When Should You Worry about your Yorkies Shedding?

Possible Reasons Why Yorkies Shed
  • Yorkies can lose hair because of illness

If you think they are losing above the normal level consult your nearest veterinarian soon. Yorkies never shed so much unless they are sick. Illnesses are triggers to great hair loss.

  • Allergic Reactions

Dogs can have allergies like people. Have you recently transferred or traveled or given your Yorkies something special to eat? Such could be a cause for their shedding. Watch out for certain reactions to food and environmental triggers.

  • Hormonal Imbalance

There is also an illness known as Cushing’s disease. This one is due to the overproduction of hormones or cortisol. This disease is common to dogs that are six years old and above. There are many who say this disease could also be genetic making it that some Yorkies are more prone to lose hair than others.

Tips to Keep Yorkies from Losing Hair

Tips to Keep Yorkies from Losing Hair

Yorkies require about an hour of maintenance for a day. It takes just so much dedication to raising a Yorkie. What are the things you should do to give your Yorkies the best care?

  • Bathe your Yorkies with gentle shampoos

The most recommended time to bathe Yorkies is every three weeks. If you bathe them more often than this, it will make their hair dull, so be careful. Use gentle shampoos without scrubbing hard which can cause damage to their skin which is the bedrock of their fabulous hair.

  • Brush their hair always

This requires much dedication so if you don’t like it at all, consider having another dog. Yorkies need at least a good 30 minutes to a full hour of daily brushing. This is a must in order to take older hair from their coats. Daily brushing will also save you from the hassle of tangling hairs. Always use a high-quality pin brush. Remember not to brush their hair when it is dry. You can use a leave-on conditioner after bath for brushing.

  • Trim their hair

It is recommended to trim their hair every two months. It is actually best to keep their hair short but free from tangles. Longer hair also takes a good toll on their stored calcium similar to how women use more calcium for their long hairs.

Grooming Tools for your Yorkies

Grooming Tools for Yorkies
  • Electric clippers and grooming scissors

If you want to be a pro in taking care of your Yorkies, there are the right and advanced tools you may want to try in your homes. There are electric clippers and grooming scissors readily available in the market. Those two tools help you trim your Yorkies quickly whenever needed.

  • T-shirts

You can also put on shirts so they will look cuter. Seeing well-dressed Yorkies around is a reflection of how well they are valued and taken care of. Carrying one in a crowd just gives you that boost that will make you and your dog stand out among the rest.


This is so much more than “I can’t live without my Yorkies”. It should also be about “I can’t stand seeing them lose their hair”. Sometimes watching them is enough to know what more they need. Do the extra mile if you must. We depend so much on them for our bad days. May it be that they can count on us for their good hair days!

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